How To Foster Creativity Within Your Own Space During WFH

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During this period of time with the ongoing Circuit Breaker initiative, most of us (aside from essential workers) will have to do our work in our humble abode, instead of our business space. While relaxing for many, it may not always be a productive space for all. It turns to the point that our work performance and quality may be affected.

As such, we have to start taking action in order for us to be at our A-game even when we’re at home. One step we can take first is through design – a combination of soothing colours, a good choice of lighting, and proper organisation within your space can help boost work productivity and efficiency.

Read on to find out what are the other ways you can take to create a more beautiful and productive space.

Pick colours that make your space brighter

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

Whether it’s a small office space for rent or your home, colours matter a whole lot when it comes to designing a space. Moreover, having to work in your own home can be quite distracting to the relaxing environment, the presence of family members, and the tendency to take more frequent breaks.

Hence, you should select mild and soothing colours to avoid further distraction. Not to mention, dark or bright colours can prove to be stressful for the eyes. So, choose colours of green and blue bases, this will make your space both attractive and soothing for the eyes. You don’t necessarily have to stick to painting; you could add new curtains or other furniture to make your space more appealing.

Put up motivational or inspirational quotes

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

To feel more pumped up and energised to complete your work, you’ll need a little motivation boost from your environment. One way is by putting up inspiration quotes in your own space to add creativity. This adds a new dimension to the otherwise standard space.

In addition, it will also help to foster healthier and happier thoughts – inspirational quotes will give you the encouragement you need to carry on with your office when you feel demoralised or lethargic from the piles of workload. This will also help improve the efficiency of your company employees.

Declutter your space

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

Just like spring cleaning right before a festive season, the easiest way to make your space more organised is by de-cluttering it. The clutter can cause feelings of emotional distress to rise, such as distraction and increased tension. Once all the clutter is removed, it’ll give you the focus you’ve been searching for, and you’ll feel less anxious about your work.

You can start by cleaning and organising your office desk – be it keeping your cords neat instead of leaving them all tangled up together or storing any unused items separately in a cupboard. Organising also applies to digital clutter as well. Too many old files or unlabelled documents can end up occupying your mind, and you become unable to focus on your work.

Replenish your refreshments

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

Remember the cosy pantry room packed with tons of appetising snacks and goodies? It certainly helped to boost your mood back then in the office, and it will as well while you’re at home. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of refreshments, preferably a mixture of nutritious snacks and beverages to keep you in the pink.

Even a cup of plain water can do plenty in improving your work performance as studies have shown that it keeps you awake and provides you with energy. But if a cup of coffee or a refreshing energy drink are your go-to’s, be sure to add them to your list as you’re shopping to stock up your kitchen.

Thus, the simplest of things like choosing the correct colours, keeping your space well-organised, and the addition of refreshments can all help to enhance creativity and efficiency levels for yourself in your own space.

With the current COVID-19 crisis occurring right now, most of us have to resort to transforming our own space to our workspace for a while. As such, we need to put in a little more effort on our end to maintain our work productivity and performance. A simple way to start is by altering our space to add bits of creativity to help with our work performance. However, Work+Store still gives permission to existing tenants to access their rented spaces – both self-storages and workspaces. But we still highly encourage tenants to act in accordance with the current Circuit Breaker guidelines closely – so we are ensuring the safety of others and of our own throughout this pandemic.

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