How To Maintain Work-Life Balance During COVID-19 Period

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for people because the best way of preventing the spread of the disease is to avoid contact at all times – which means staying at home as much as possible. As a result, those who are not a part of the essential services are advised to work from their homes.

Moreover, it has become challenging to predict how long individuals have to stay in their homes. Hence, working from home will remain as a norm for quite a while, and it is best that employees do what they can to adjust to their home environment. In other words, it has become necessary to ensure that productivity is not hindered upon in order to achieve proper work-life balance even in this scenario.

Therefore, we have prepared a few tips whereby you can still ensure a healthy work-life balance even amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Keep up with a routine

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Even when you are working from home, you must maintain a strict routine. To do so, you must plan a schedule and adhere to it strictly. This will ensure that you can give time to your family, your work, and yourself equally. In the routine, you must allocate some time to relaxation. This will help you keep your mind off the pandemic across the world and help you return to work rejuvenated. In the routine, you should also save time aside for exercise and engage in hobbies for better mental health.

Adapting and adjusting to the circumstances will also apply to your workspace once the pandemic is better controlled and most businesses can resume operations again. We offer an extensive range of the cheapest self storages and workspaces where our storage units vary from 6 sqft to 730 sqft while workspaces start at 88 sqft. You can even find 24/7 camera surveillance and accessibility across our spaces. As for lease terms wise, Work+Store is flexible and provides short term lease and lets you interchange between other services as well as products through contract transferring with our building or even our parent company, LHN Group, whereby you get to consider switching to a vending machine spot, event location, alongside various other options.

Ensure a well-organised space

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Without a doubt, a well-organised workspace will help you work better. Subsequently, it will help you manage both your work and your personal life in a better manner. Overall, you are less flustered and stressed, helps to save time, boosts creativity and concentration levels, and even meet your deadlines.

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Take sufficient breaks

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Just like how you would take coffee breaks in your work, you must take breaks when you work from home. Even while keeping accounts and especially while doing tasks that require absolute attention, you must take breaks. It keeps you energised and maintains a good mood. This is essential to help you work even while you are at home.

Meanwhile, once you can return back to your actual workspace – remember that communication is also key when managing tasks amid working. We may offer the cheapest self-storages and workspaces, but an added bonus across our workspaces would be the fact that they can also act as n ancillary office to help with managing industrial, marketing tasks, and the like. When a self-storage and workspace is brought together into one single space, it forms an extremely innovative solution whereby the challenges of logistics processes are tackled and goods procurement is made smoother for elevated customer service.

Keeping a good balance between work and your personal life is possible as long as you put in a little effort and separate the two. For a start, you can follow these tips and slowly incorporate your own ones along the way.

While working from home, it is natural to be disorganised with the overwhelming tasks due to a change in environment or be slightly dispirited or demotivated with the ongoing COVID-19 situation and economic crisis. However, while your work is vital in providing you with a rice bowl – so is your own mental health, as such make sure to do what you can to keep it at tip-top condition. Meanwhile, if you’re still unaware – we will still be continuing with regular operations – so, existing tenants are still granted access to our spaces, whether yours is a self storage or workspace. However, do bear in mind that the implemented Circuit Breaker guidelines and measures by the government should be followed closely for your own safety and the rest of the citizens. Slowly but surely, we can conquer the crisis by doing our own part!

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