How To Make Your Special Occasions Even More Meaningful

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Memories are the glory of the heart, so make each celebration magnificent. Who would not love for their special occasions to be more exceptional and remarkable?

An occasion is where family and friends get to spend time together. That’s why it’s all the more significant for you to make the event special and unique. These days, it all begins with the perfect venue selection. Unique locations are what most event hosts are seeking to reel the guests in – such as a small warehouse or self storage.

Everyone would want their special memories to be captured and cherished forever. Whether the occasion is a gathering of people held by in honour or dedicated for a specific day, person, or event – here’s how you can make it extra special.

Wedding occasions

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Join two hearts together and they are called soul mates. An emotional state will always be connected to this occasion, thus it needs to be an extraordinary celebration – it’s all about how you want to make your loved one feel special. Go with a theme which will move your soon-to-be spouse’s heart. From vintage, modern to romantic – there’s plenty of choices to pick from!

Afterwards, think entertainment and décor to impress your partner and guests with. Options like photobooths, a dance floor and games will surely catch their attention and make the event day extra memorable. All that’s left is the perfect venue to embrace all these wonderful ideas. Choose a budget solemnization venue or wedding location at Work+Store. The choice is yours when it comes to decorating, catering or any other aspect in your event planning process. If you are inviting a large number of guests, there’s no need to worry as well. We have the cheapest self-storages with unlimited capacity to accommodate your party guest list so you can bring in as many attendees as you want.

Baby showers

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

It can be rather tough to plan out the perfect baby shower. As a mother-to-be, close family member or best friend – you’ll want the party to be a blast for the guests. However, as much as you wish for it, baby shower planning takes some effort and planning.

Prizes and pampering the new mother are definitely the highlights of this event. But what if there are ways to make it even significant and special? Travel back to the good old times when you were a child and make some space for a tea party! The soon-to-be mother will feel less stressed and relax after feeling like a kid again. Otherwise, go ahead and add in exciting games like ‘Guess Who’ as guests bring along baby pictures and challenge each other.

Birthday parties

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Big birthday bashes aren’t required to make a birthday special – there are many unique ideas to make a birthday party memorable. Something as simple as spending quality time with your dear ones on their special day already makes them beam with joy. While setting up a birthday party makes them feel even more appreciated.

Start planning the party details – activities, décor, catering and music, months before the actual day. For instance, if you would like to bring some home-baked goodies or even prepare your own cake – a venue which allows that is crucial. At Work+Store, you’ll find several affordable birthday party venues for your selection with flexible catering. Our self-storages are also available in a range of sizes – 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft – so you can decide whether you want a private and more personal party or an extravagant event.

Being one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore, Work+Store offers daily rates starting from $50 to $3,697 to let you discover the perfect venue for your budget and save more for your preferred theme décor. Each and every one of our event space rental also features facilities such as air conditioning, sufficient lighting, electricity (power sockets) and other various amenities such as parking lots, loading bays and round-the-clock accessibility. All these will meet your event needs and smoothen the planning process for your special occasion. Under our parent company, LHN Group, you can find even larger unit rentals for both office and warehouse in industrial and commercial spaces in more than 38 properties within Singapore.

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