How To Maximise Productivity While Working From Home

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Aside from those working under essential services, the rest of us will most likely be working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In that case, it is highly necessary to prepare and plan to ensure that productivity is not hampered by our home environment.

As the main in-charge or manager, it is one’s responsibility to delegate tasks to your team members so that they are also aware of the office that they have to do. On the other hand, employees should also be responsive and diligent while completing their own share of work.

So, to help make the WFH (Work-from-Home) situation easier – here are a few methods you can go with to ensure you and your team’s productivity are not compromised.

Arrange all your equipment or items neatly

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Business Space

Organisation is key – it’s important to keep your workspace tidy and neat before you begin working. It’s as simple as avoiding piles and clutter, cleaning up your desk before you start getting to work, and going digital. A workspace which is free of clutter will ensure that you can put your entire focus on the current task at hand. In other words, productivity levels will be much better even whilst working from home.

Besides keeping your existing workspace neat – you should also consider cutting costs as much as you can. For example, once the COVID-19 situation improves – you may have to look, switch up, or downsize to a different business space. In that case, you should find one with all-inclusive charges. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self storages and workspaces in which you’ll find CCTV surveillance and accessibility all day long. In the event that you want to switch to another space from your existing self storage or workspace – we also provide flexible and enticing lease terms which include a short period of lease and the decision to contract transfer to an array of products or services in our building or even our parent company, LHN Group, the various alternatives consisting of pop-up store venue rental, commercial and industrial spaces, and many other options.

Designate a specific workplace

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Business Space

You could consider organising a particular area in your house to resemble the workstation in your original workspace. This will help to create a much conducive environment to work in as you’ll feel as though you are back in the office again. Try to keep everything similar to your desk in your workplace so that you feel the urgency to work. Moreover, if everything is well-organised, you will also feel comfortable working from home, and it will help improve your overall work efficiency.

Once we have tide over the crisis, it’s also time for you to return to regular business operations and select an appropriate workspace. We are able to support various businesses with the cheapest self-storages and workspaces, storage units sizes are from 6 sqft onwards till 730 sqft, while workspaces begin from 88 sqft onwards. Additionally, our workspaces are furnished with lighting, air conditioning, and a powerpoint to aid your business even further when it comes to costs. If you’re still looking for an affordable office space for rent, we have 10 different locations for you to pick from. The locations comprise 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bartley, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, Ang Mo Kio, Upper Thomson, Pasir Panjang, Kallang, and Tampines. Moreover, our spaces at Aljunied currently have an offer where you will get 2 months rent-free in the beginning. Even when it comes to meeting your financial needs, they are easily met with the closeby UOB and POSB ATMs available. If you’re interested in getting more details about our spaces, do feel free to approach us. Terms and conditions apply.

Maintain a routine

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As you will be working from home for quite some time, you should maintain a strict routine to stay productive throughout the day. Get up early in the morning, plan your day and draw up a schedule as if you are in the workplace. This will ensure that you do not take unnecessary breaks, which can often prove to be a distraction while working from home. Too many distractions can also prove to be detrimental, and hence, if you have a pre-designed schedule, you will adhere to it, and your efficiency will not be compromised.

A big part of efficiency lies in the space you’re in, so, once you can return back to working in a workspace once again – you should ensure your space meets your needs when it comes to productivity. Our self-storages may help in providing extra space while working, but so do our workspaces. Our workspaces can also operate as an ancillary office to assist in various tasks – be it manufacturing, marketing, or admin-related activities. With a workspace and storage space coming together under one roof, it allows for better handling of logistics activities and heightened efficiency in goods procurement for better customer service.

Thus, to ensure that your productivity increases even while you work from home, you must have all the necessary equipment, a neat workstation and a strict schedule that you must adhere to. These are the most critical factors that you must keep in mind to improve your efficiency even while you work from home.

With the COVID-19 situation right now, most businesses, particularly non-essential services, have to go along with the WFH initiative. However, many are having mixed feelings and opinions regarding the measure put in place. Some enjoy the comfort of one’s home, while others are facing productivity issues. For the latter case, it is all the more important to put in a bit of effort to create a conducive environment until the situation officially stabilises. Meanwhile, if you have an existing, rented space with us – you may still access it provided that the government Circuit Breaker guidelines are being adhered to closely. Other than that, let us all social distance properly, put on our masks, and keep ourselves healthy amid this period.

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