How To Plan Your Working Space Layout For An Optimal Environment

Affordable Business Space, Working Space For Lease

The physical set up of a working space has beneficial effects, especially towards the wellbeing and productivity of employees. A physical environment in your business space can really support and enhance cognitive focus, while also reflecting your business’ values, culture and branding through different design elements and layout of the space.

For example, open office layouts meet the needs for companies that strive for collaboration and transparency while there are also more private spaces for quiet, focus and concentration. Regardless of your layout preference, renting a unit from a self storage in Singapore would provide you with the flexibility to design and plan your own working space.

Read on below as we explore the factors to consider in planning your workspace layout and optimise your environment.

Begin with the reasons for planning your office layout

Affordable Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Once you have acquired a working space for lease, take a pause before you start figuring out where the furniture will go and whose desk shall be located where. What are the top priorities for planning your office layout? What are your objectives for this new layout? Other factors you can consider are: how do you want visitors to perceive your business when they enter your workspace, what are the workplace behaviours you would like to cultivate, to what extent do you value flexibility on how work gets done around the workspace. From then on, you can have a clearer picture of how your business can utilise the space and meet its needs.

Getting the right amount of spaceAffordable Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Ensure that there is enough space in your work space for rent which includes cubicles or work stations, furniture and collaborative areas. Having a good grasp on what goes where enables you to make informed space utilization decisions. If you are adhering to a budget when it comes to choosing your space, you can save your money by renting from the cheapest self storages in Singapore. Aside from the availability of cheap working spaces, you get to also choose from a wide range of spaces that can meet your requirements.

When you manage your space efficiently, you are not only designing your workspace for today but also for into the future. You will also need to plan practically for emergency situations, where there is enough space for people to exit the workspace quickly and safely.


Affordable Business Space, Working Space For Lease

This is another important factor to plan for in a workspace design. Besides using paperless solutions such as cloud storage, there are various types of physical storage to keep everything stored in place while optimising the amount of space in your workspace. If the lack of storage space is an issue for you, there are self-storages in Singapore you can look into that offer storage units for rent in various sizes.


Affordable Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Do your research on the type of furniture that ideally fits your business’ culture and space. These can be included for ‘zones’ in your workspaces where employees have the opportunity to work quietly or collaborate openly, or even as a place to relax and unwind. Ergonomic type of furniture are highly beneficial which can stimulate worker productivity and lower the risks of physical health issues.

The design and fitting of a workspace is one of the major investments for a business as it can affect productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction, and brand impact. You should approach workplace design in a strategic way to get the best business outcomes.

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