How to Take Apart & Disassemble Furniture for the Big Move

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When preparing for the big move, one of the biggest challenges is how to safely protect your furniture. Whether it’s to manoeuvre through doors, corridors and narrow staircases or to ensure its safe journey during transportation, your furniture should always be handled with care to avoid blemishes and damage.

The ease of movement is not the only benefit of disassembling bulky, large furniture. When dismantled, the furniture is more convenient to hoist on to a moving truck, safer to handle, and makes it easier to transport to a self storage in Singapore. Dissembled furniture is also lighter to lift which eases the physical toll it takes on your body, decreasing pain and injury caused by carrying heavy items. Here’s how you can take apart and disassemble furniture for the big move.

Read the instructions or the owner’s manual for disassembly

Make sure you carefully read through the manual that will determine how you should be dismantling the furniture properly. If the manual or misplaced, try to find one online. You can check out the store’s website or the manufacturer’s site and ask for another. Also, talk with other people who may have some experience in undertaking such jobs and ask for help or advice.

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Get the appropriate tools you need at an earlier date

Acquire the correct tools beforehand so you’ll have ample time to work on dissembling. Common tools like hammers, screwdrivers, adjustable spanners or pliers are must-haves in your toolbox and should be ready before moving day. Most furniture is put together using screws or nuts and bolts and may require various sizes of screws and screwdrivers. Also, you may need special tools designed specifically for a unique type of furniture.

Sealable plastic bags will come in handy

Get zip lock bags to hold small parts such as screws, nuts and bolts as well as other fittings for each piece of furniture. Often, these small hardware items tend to get easily misplaced during transportation on its way to a small warehouse in Singapore for temporary storage. It will save you from doing frantic searches during reassembly.

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Label everything in detail

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Take the time to label each part, adjoining joint and piece using masking tape and a marker. Note where each piece goes and ensure you indicate which side faces up and pack all parts in a separately carefully noting the adjoining piece. When it’s reassembly time, you’ll have an easier time to put it back together.

Disassembling your furniture is essential to fit through door frames and corridors as well as getting into the moving truck. It will also decrease the chances of damaging your furniture or cracking a piece of your door frame, which can add up into a long list of costly repairs. This way, it is sufficiently prepared and ready for the big move whether to your new home or temporary storage at a self-storage in Singapore.

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