How To Throw A Birthday Party Your Guests Will Love

Affordable Birthday Party Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

What makes a birthday party great? Is it the music, the décor, the food, the entertainment? Or is it all these (and many more) when combined and delivered into a spectacular celebration?

Regardless, you’d never want to host a dull party with awkward conversations and deliver an experience that is anything less than a good time. If you would like to throw a memorable birthday party that your guests won’t stop talking about even weeks after it’s over, here are five tips to help you. 

Spend time on finding the right venue

Affordable Birthday Party Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

There are plenty of affordable birthday venue choices around, including unique ones from self storages in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a venue for a bubbly kid’s birthday party or a classy grown-up event to run through the night, there is the right venue for you.

For starters, the venue has to be at a convenient location where your guests can easily access via public transportation or drive and park at the venue. Venue specifics such as size, amenities and facilities in the event space rental are factors to be considered too.

Be creative with the theme

Affordable Birthday Party Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

As you look for the right event space rental and venue, one thing that will help you spot and know the ‘perfect’ venue is having a clear idea of what the theme will be. Don’t be afraid to explore your creative juices and have fun with the theme to excite your guests.

A good theme will get people talking, drive up the pre-party hype and help your guests figure out what to wear. It is also fun to see everyone in attendance wearing something themed and to take pictures in for a memorable keepsake. Some theme ideas are a modern-day throwback to a prom party, blacklight party, a TV show themed party and murder mystery party.

Having flexibility and lesser restrictions on your venue to carry out your theme ideas is important. You can find some of the cheapest self storages in Singapore that offer event space rental with unlimited pax capacity and the flexibility to decorate and make your party arrangements any way you wish to.

Put together a well thought out guestlist

Affordable Birthday Party Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

The venue, entertainment, and food can all be great. However, it is people who ultimately make a party great. For a small gathering, invite your closest loved ones. For a big birthday bash, naturally, you would be expanding the guest list. Besides just merely including people from all facets of your life, consider your guests’ personalities and have a mix of people from different backgrounds. This can make things less awkward and much easier for them to mingle around with one another and socialise.

Music and entertainment

Affordable Birthday Party Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

The tunes that will be playing at the birthday party should get everyone in the mood to jam to. There is always that one song that will make them excited and pumped on the dancefloor. Since you have put together your guest list, you should have an idea of your crowd and make a list of songs/genres to include in the party. If you are hiring a DJ, they should also be knowledgeable enough to read the crowd and change up the music when necessary. There are self-storages in Singapore that also provide event space rental with facilities like powerpoint and lighting so you can provide entertainment conveniently.

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