How Work+Store’s Storage Unit Helped Farmcity Store Their Grow Kits & Run Their Business Smoothly

How Work+Store’s Storage Unit Helped Farmcity Store Their Grow Kits & Run Their Business Smoothly

Regardless of your type of business venture, Work+Store is always determined to help in ensuring a smooth set-up process; be it as a new startup or an existing business shifting to a new location.

One of our newest Work+Store users who have recently joined us is Farmcity, a business with a mission to change the global food system for the better with their sustainable farming solutions. Aside from storing their grow kits, they also utilise our shared facility at Work+Store to do some paperwork and other business-related activities. At the same time, our storage facility also supports how businesses can operate and provide storage space for their goods to enhance efficiency in operations.

Read on to know about Farmcity’s business journey and see how they were able to carry out their operations and store their inventory with Work+Store.

Business background

“Everybody can grow, if they are given the right tools.”

– Kelly Ann Yeo, Co-founder

Perplexed by the inequalities in the global food system, the husband and wife team at Farmcity made up of a Singaporean and a Mauritian were set on offering sustainable solutions to the public, which lead to the founding of an urban farming education and consultancy business. Their business focused on educating urban dwellers on how to grow their own organic vegetables and provide reliable, easy-to-use, and 100% eco-friendly products to help with the planting journey – which are all tested by real farmers.

The duo first began operating a learning farm in Mauritius, which used organic agriculture as a tool to educate others about Agripreneurship, before transitioning to a co-farming space which unites like-minded agripreneurs. Back in Singapore, they hoped to use this experience as growers to bridge the farming knowledge gap for urban dwellers. At the same time, they wish to dispel the myth that people need magical ‘green fingers’ to grow their own food – but with the right tools, anyone can grow and have access to nutritious foods.

“From seed to harvest, and everything in between, Farmcity will accompany you as you grow your own organic veggies from your balconies.”

– Kelly Ann Yeo, Co-founder

Overcoming challenges

“Our biggest challenge thus far is sourcing for truly sustainable raw materials that are natural, eco-friendly, is no to low waste, and at a price and quantity that is affordable for small businesses. We have had to go back to the drawing board many times to rethink how we can bring our products to our customers in a sustainable manner.”

– Kelly Ann Yeo, Co-founder

Farmcity needed a suitable space to fulfil all these requirements for them to run their business successfully. Likewise, they also needed to use the storage unit for storing these sustainable raw materials conveniently while handling other core operations as well. Hence, they got in touch with Work+Store to both start their business comfortably and take their growth into consideration in the long run.

“We visited a number of other storage companies, but the dock for doing paperwork really sealed the deal for us as it offered a 24/7 storage unit, and storage units of varying sizes so we could upgrade as we grow. Also, the shared facility @ Work+Store’s modular solutions met our needs best as a growing startup”

– Kelly Ann Yeo, Co-founder

Work+Store offers the cheapest self-storages, flexible storage sizes, in which storage spaces start from 7 sqft and varies up until 630 sqft. 24/7 CCTV surveillance and accessibility are also offered across our self-storages, ensuring tight security is provided while you’re choosing a space with us. Hence, if you’re keen, you can select from our many locations islandwide; the list includes 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bukit Merah, Aljunied, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, Kallang, Bartley and Pasir Panjang. Not to mention, units at our Pasir Panjang location offer rates which are inclusive of utilities, facilities, and GST. There’s even a 50% off promotion ongoing right now, so you can find a space at a much affordable price. Contact us to find out more. Terms and conditions apply.

What made the business choose Work+Store

A cheerful and inspiring atmosphere


Aside from our wide-ranging unit sizes and round-the-clock security features available in our storage facility, our team at Work+Store also plays a part in providing a comfortable and fulfilling experience while using our spaces – be it for storage or managing day-to-day business tasks. In fact, when asked about what benefits they enjoyed the most, this is what they mentioned.

“Co-warehousing space and flexible service terms, and also the team at Work+Store’s shared facility who are cheerful and helpful, and certainly bring a great vibe to the place.”

– Wesley Oxenham, Co-founder

The jolly, motivational atmosphere was also contributed by other friendly and helpful business owners around as well; who made their business journey more fruitful and enjoyable.

“Most importantly, a wonderful community of other entrepreneurs to learn from and be inspired by.”

– Wesley Oxenham, Co-founder

At Work+Store, selected self storage units come with standard facilities like air conditioning, a powerpoint, and lighting facilities, at an all-inclusive price. By getting a self storage unit with us, you’ll also be able to enjoy flexible service terms like how Farmcity was able to, and this includes the option of converting to an extensive variety of other products and services which consists of choices like a serviced apartment, industrial space, and so forth.

Manage business operations smoothly

“As we are new to the e-commerce space, it is especially helpful that there is a very thoughtfully designed space that has everything you could need to get your samples shipped to, to photograph your products, and to pack your products for delivery. The icing on the cake is the exclusive rates with a delivery partner.”

– Kelly Ann Yeo, Co-founder


With our multi-purpose spaces, Farmcity was able to manage various business activities under one roof without much hassle. This has made the startup process a lot easier, ensuring that inventory and other tools within the space are stored easily and accessible nearby; without having to go to a separate facility to retrieve these goods. All their tasks are also carried out efficiently and they’re able to fully focus on educating and providing sustainable solutions. In addition, the space has an accessible location which made it highly convenient for Farmcity’s operations.

“It is a dream for a startup to be able to manage all its different activities from one place, especially one that is so conveniently located between two MRT stations just a short walk away.”

– Wesley Oxenham, Co-founder

Likewise, the storage facility at Work+Store provides the cheapest self storages, assisting businesses like Farmcity in boosting efficiency in goods procurement and easing logistics processes to bring forward a better level of customer satisfaction. To help support your business even further, eligible companies may also apply for our Zero Deposit Guarantee and enjoy extra cash by keeping the deposit amount to use for other business expenditures in the future.

Ensuring our users have a smooth and comfortable experience is one of our greatest concerns; hence, we do so through our affordable rates, flexible service terms, and many other benefits within our storage facility. Work+Store is constantly aspiring to do our utmost, so your business needs are well-met.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!