How You Can Improve Your Work Storage For Efficiency

Extra Space For Storage

Self storages in Singapore offer various unit rental that provide extra space for storage and to work in. This can be useful for startups and small businesses are looking for a working space for lease as it provides an innovative work and storage solution. When you rent a storage unit for your goods and merchandise, you should be able to maximise and fully optimise your work storage space so you can improve the efficiency of your storage and work processes to function a lot smoother. In turn, this can help to enable easier stock-tacking and goods management for your customers.

Read on below for our tips on how you can improve the efficiency of your work storage and warehouse operations.

1. Optimise Every Square Inch of Space Available
Extra Space For Storage
Instead of expanding your current storage space when you might not necessarily need it, consider looking for ways to improve your use of the space available to you. You’d be surprised just how much space your storage unit is underutilized just by storing unused equipment and belongings. Additionally, you can also consider packing and organizing your goods using suitable shelving units for you to stack more items safely and make use of available space more efficiently.

When you rent a storage unit from the cheapest self storage in Singapore, having the right racks and shelving systems will provide specialized solutions that help you to maximize your storage space and avoid disorderliness in your work processes.

2. Store Only What You Need
Extra Space For Storage
A concept known as “lean inventory”, it emphasizes on minimizing or eliminating excesses on resources to improve efficiency. Cut down on storing old or obsolete stock and identify areas to improve on such as process standardization so you can have continuous inventory flow without affecting customer value negatively. See if you can make a deal with your suppliers and have them deliver the goods you need more frequently and in smaller quantities so you don’t have to worry about any idle stocks sitting in your storage unit.

3. Rethink Your Storage Units
Extra Space For Storage
Sometimes, the current size of work storage units you rent may simply not be enough as your business is growing. Once you’re ready to expand, you can explore an endless number of storage options available, including from the cheapest self-storage in Singapore to cater to various budget needs. Some of these storage unit rental

4. Labeling

Extra Space For StorageRegardless of how much space you have, it is even crucial to keep your storage unit organized. The use of labels can ensure a more orderly, well-run and efficient space. Even if you already have a labelling system in place, any system will benefit from a periodical review for any improvements and adaptions. While some staff may also have familiarized themselves with the system, it should also provide clarity for newcomers to navigate through the stocks when they join your company.

Work+Store is a self-storage in Singapore that provides work and storage spaces in locations across the island including Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Bartley, Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio, Kallang, Eunos and Bukit Merah. Available at 88 sqft onwards, you can choose the size of unit you want to fit your business needs. They come fitted with aircon, lights and a powerpoint as well as 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance. The units are great for storage of goods and merchandise stocks as well as a place to work in, providing more value than just a simple business space for rent. You can expect to have better goods procurement and easier stock-taking to provide more value for your customers.

At Work+Store, we also provide storage spaces ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft with flexible lease terms as well as mini self storage lockers that can fit 1-2 large luggage for a more affordable option. Under our parent company, LHN Group, we also offer bigger unit rental for office and warehouse in commercial and industrial spaces across 36 properties in Singapore.

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