Get Inspired By These Fab International Offices

Design inspiration from offices around the world!

Drab office walls got you down? Gather inspiration from these offices around the world and shake up your workspace!


San Francisco, USA

If your workspace pulls heavy duty as a creative office, retail showroom, and storage space, look to US-based Everlane for major design lessons. Specialising in clothing basics, the brand prides itself on its transparent pricing strategy and production methods.

The studio’s minimal, open aesthetic also mirrors their corporate beliefs. The office, located on the second floor of a warehouse in the Mission District, takes advantage of the 20-foot ceiling and large industrial windows to ensure employees work productively with natural light.

Key design takeaways from Everlane:

  • – If your office doubles as a showroom, keep to a minimal colour palette to let your products shine. Everlane uses white, grey, and light oak.
  • – Using open shelving to organise the workspace into separate zones allows you to retain a sense of spaciousness while maximising your floor space.
  • – Avoid creating a clinical feel in the office by bringing in organic elements like plants, wood, and textiles to soften the space.


Hamburg, Germany

If colour is more your jam, take cues from Jimdo, a website builder platform headquartered in Germany. The company overhauled their office just last year and reopened its five storeys of office space with a dedicated reception area, balcony, kitchen, open service area for consumers, and even an employee restaurant, Chez Sam.

Key design takeaways from Jimdo:

  • – Open concept offices maximise floor space, but not everyone is comfortable in that working environment. If space allows, provide private working areas for individuals who need that time alone.
  • – Discussions often become the focus of a room in an open-concept space. Install cosy discussion rooms and a central meeting room to reduce everyday distractions.
  • – Can’t commit to bold splashes of colour? Bring in fun accents through colourful accessories — lighting, chairs, and even magazine folders. 


Valencia, Spain

The studio of creative consultancy Masquespacio is where founders Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse unleash their creativity while experimenting with the hottest colour of the moment. The playful office space incorporates your standard reception area, meeting room, and workspace cubicles, but the team showcases their brand DNA through colourful panels throughout the space that substitute regular wall paint. The result is a space that allows them to change out colours at their whimsy.

Key design takeaways from Masquespacio:

  • – Surround yourself with your achievements. Masquespacio uses furniture pieces they have designed to keep the team motivated during stressful times.
  • – Don’t underestimate the power of greenery. Bringing plants into a closed-in workspace helps to liven up drab corners.
  • – An affordable substitute to standard issue cubicle dividers is the humble plywood. Customise the wood with paint as the Masquespacio team has done to immediately energise the room.


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