How To Keep Your Home Organised

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Easy organisation hacks

Having trouble keeping your home organised? Here’s how to keep things clutter-free with just a few easy steps.

Hang a storage rack behind your bedroom door

This simple fix maximises storage space but keeps your floor space clear, so it’s perfect for small apartments. Look for racks that have adjustable shelves to best utilise that awkward space behind the door.

Use shelves as a headboard

Need more shelf space for your growing book collection? Ditch the usual headboard and replace it with a bookshelf. Make sure to mount your shelves above head height so you don’t hit your head when you’re propped up to read.

Create your own jewellery closet with a full-length mirror

Throw out those jewellery boxes that take up half of your desk space. Make your own hinged jewellery closet with just a few wall hooks and a full-length mirror instead. The mirror functions as a closet door to efficiently hide clutter while also giving the illusion of more space.

Turn your storeroom into a library

Another one for the bookworms — here’s how to make owning your own library a dream come true. Begin by clearing your storeroom and throwing out things which shouldn’t be there (like old clothes and toys). Need some extra storage space? Keep the items you don’t use frequently at Work+Store, and youll be left with an empty storeroom which will become your library after installing a few bookshelves!

Own a gadget charging station with a shoebox

Nobody likes the sight of tangled wires and cables. Hiding them behind tables or cabinets unfortunately wont help with the mess, but designing your own designated gadget charging station will. Simply look for an old shoebox, cut holes through it, and place your power cord and chargers in. Et voilà! You now have an organised charging station.


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