Listen Up, Ladies! Have You Always Wanted Your Own Affordable Walk-In Closet?

It’s common these days to see myriad self-storage ideas geared towards men: man caves, beer dens and even trophy rooms are among the top few search options when you Google ‘Self-Storage Ideas’. But what about creative ideas for ladies?

A self-storage space can be a lady’s dream come true. In urban Singapore’s ‘mickey mouse’ flats, storage space is a rarity. In such cases, it’s easy to think of a self-storage unit as an extension of your own home.

If you had an extra room all to yourself, what would you do? Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.  

Host Friends in Your Very Own Boutique

Display all your precious branded purses, enviable collection of shoes, and every piece of designer clothing you’ve hand-picked from around the globe – they shouldn’t be locked away in a dark closet! Instead, create a spacious walk-in closet of your own with a storage unit.

To ensure your goods are well-protected from humidity, you can also opt for an air-conditioned unit for a cool and relaxed environment. That way, you can also invite a few friends over to share your closet and even afternoon tea and cakes!

If the security of your belongings is one of your key concerns, not to worry! Work+Store’s Self-Storage units have 24-hour CCTV surveillance. If your girlfriends want to pop in to borrow some clothes while you’re away, simply unlock the door for them remotely via our mobile app. You can even join in the fun through our mobile accessible security camera!

Display Your Cherished Memories

While your walk-in closet makes space for more shopping, you can also take a portion of space to display your cherished memories. As your family grows, so will your memories.Photo frames and collectible toys are just examples of items you can display to create a talking point with friends who visit your unit.

It could also be a walk down memory lane – remember the Hello Kitty soft toy you queued up hours to purchase? Or the life-sized teddy bear your first boyfriend gave you for Valentine’s day? In your walk-in closet, you can relive momentous points of your life with memorable items!

Racking and shelves can be installed in your storage unit to extend your space vertically, enabling you to store and easily access items like photo albums and books.

Don’t have the time to maintain your own storage unit? Here’s an affordable alternative: Work+Store’s Valet Storage provides the convenience of storing your excess items from just $6/box. Simply order a pick-up of your packed boxes with our valet at 8722 8000 and schedule a re-delivery in the future when you need your items again – it’s that simple!

Did we get your creative juices flowing? Any questions about dos and don’ts? We’re here to help make your ideal storage unit a reality. Give us a call at 6631 0033.