How to Live Comfortably in Your House with a Big Family

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While uncommon in Singapore, there are some families with a large number of family members living under one roof. Are you one of the families who have more than four children or one that is living with two or three generations of your family in the same house? If you are, this guide here will take you through some tips you can use to make your home a haven for every family member of your large family.

Invest on More Shelves

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Going vertical is the only way to clear your floor space and give room to other larger equipment. You can achieve this by adding more shelves in your kitchen and bathroom that provide extra storage space for items such as curling irons, toothbrushes, and kitchen towels. You can opt to partition the shelves into smaller units that will hold different things instead of having one large space to keep everything.

Declutter the House

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Untidiness sucks the energy out of the house occupants and makes small spaces appear more crowded. Therefore, you should highly consider placing every item at its right place and throwing away any unnecessary item. Invest in attractive bins for storing toys and other things used by children and train them to return every toy they use after they have finished playing. You should also place the books back on the shelves and fold any clothing after laundry.

Get Creative with the Bedroom Allocations

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You do not have to occupy the bigger bedroom if you have more than two children and live in a two-bedroom condominium. You can place bunk beds in the master bedroom while you take the smaller room. This creates more room for other items such as a study table, television or video games for the kids and a working space for you as well.

Rent an Alternative Storage Space

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You will need extra space to accommodate everyone in the house and live comfortably. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to rent one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore to keep anything that you no longer or seldom use in the house away from the premises. Some of the items that you can store include luggage, collectables or sports equipment. With more family members come more items to be stored at home. You will be surprised at the big spaces you will have left after removing any unnecessary things in the house. A great option provided by Work+Store will be our valet storage service where your items will be picked up directly from your house and transported to an external location for storage, all without you living your home. If you do not have enough items to fill up an entire storage unit, this alternative will be perfect for you. Whether your items are stored in boxes or include odd-shaped items like guitars, golf club bags or luggage, we have a solution for you.

Living in a small house with a big family can be a challenge for most people especially if they are not creative enough with the spaces. You should consider renting a self storage space to solve your storage needs. Apart from that, you need to put in the effort to keep your house clean and tidy to create a great living environment for you and your family.

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