How to Make Space for New Employees in Your Small Office

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Is your office cramped up? Do you struggle to find a quiet place to make a client call or do you have to move piles of files so that you can have a meeting? Office space in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, and as your business expands, you may need to accommodate more staff into your crowded office.

But, you can make the most use of your office’s space through initiatives such as maximising common areas, getting rid of clutter, using suitable furniture, developing flexible workspaces and schedules and letting go of the use of paper.

Here’s how you can make space for new employees in your small office.

Maximize the Common Areas


A smart space-saving tip includes having integrated common areas. A common area such as a pantry can be combined with the office library. If you have a creative office interior decorator, you could even combine a pantry, library and conference room. You can move the excess furniture to a self-storage in Singapore. Work+Store offers a great solution to securely store bulky furniture which are temporarily not in use as you map out a more meaningful usage of office space.

Previously used for recreation and other non-business functions, these redesigned common areas can now be utilised for core business functions thus opening up space for you to accommodate new employees.


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What kind of item occupies most of your office space? Are they useful and important? If yes, consider re-organising. If there are too many belongings occupying space in your office, then it is time to de-clutter. Clutter in an office can reduce productivity as it creates physical barriers, and higher chances to lose essential items and documents among the disorganised mess. If you need more space to sort out the clutter, you can have it moved to the cheapest self-storage in Singapore as you gradually organise it.

Use Suitable Furniture

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Forget having a big desk and an elaborate bookshelf in your office. In today’s digital arena, large desks are becoming extinct along with their predecessors – the typewriters and fax machines alike.

Instead, get a small workstation with a functioning drawer that you can keep everything away, including your computer or laptop. After all, your computer is what you need the most with all of your digital files inside, so why spend space with a big desk and fancy cabinets?

At Work+Store, your less frequently used bulky furniture can be shipped to a self-storage unit and retrieve them again when in need.

Learn to Let Go of Paper

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With technological advances made in computing, seamless connectivity and highly secure cloud computing, this means that your office environment can be as paperless as possible. You will no longer need to maintain a physical office library with rows of thick bulky folders when you can already have all of the materials and document files available digitally.

While your office transitions to a paperless environment, you can move the hardcopy documents and filing cabinets to a secure self storage in Singapore and create room for new employees in your small office. At Work+Store, the smallest self storage unit starts from 6sqft as well as mini self-storage units (lockers) that are ideal to temporarily pack away your office documents and files which typically only require a small self-storage space. Work+Store also offers a valet storage service which provides temporary storage and transportation to pick up your items conveniently from the office for self storage.

Introduce Flexible Workspace and Flexible Work Schedules

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After you have set up your infrastructure, you can align your team to make space for new employees. You can establish a work from home policy to give your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere while maintaining productivity. Technology enables this to take place today unlike before where connectivity and access to office tools and computer software were restricted and limited.

This also means less physical space will be taken up in your office or even introduce a hot desking practice where a single physical work station is used by multiple employees at different time periods.

At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft with 24-hour key card access and CCTV surveillance. As one of Singapore’s cheapest self-storage, you can benefit from our self storage units to free up your office space and welcome new employees while enhancing greater productivity for your business.

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