Making Space for a New Furry Addition to the Family

Making Space for a New Furry Addition to the Family

The idea of getting a new furry addition to the family is exciting. Practically, it is advisable to that you should make a few tweaks to your household in preparation before its arrival. You should also make some storage space for your new pet’s accompanying items as well as take precautionary steps to ensure a happy home for the newest family member.

Whether you are bringing in a pet cat or dog, these tips will get you on the right track to have extra storage for space.

Give Your Pet Room to Roam Around

Your furry friends would love open spaces where they can hang around, stretch a limb and play with the family. Try to declutter your living spaces, from the living room to the bedroom where there can be a lot of junk and rarely used items that take up a lot of space. Consider a self-storage in Singapore to easily store away your belongings, especially if you are not using them at the moment. With a much freer space, you can even bring in a cat condo or dog playpen in your home so they can have their own comfortable and safe environment.

If you are looking for a storage facility in Singapore, Work+Store offers storage units starting from 6 sqft to 730 sqft with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates. The units are equipped with basic fit-outs like air-conditioning and lights, as well as 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance to provide you with a peace of mind and great accessibility. With storage units, you can conveniently transfer your belongings that are not used at the moment, so you can free up some space at home and still have access to the items when you need it.

Create Space for Your Pet’s Belongings

Keeping a new pet in a home that’s cluttered will not only increase the changes of damaging your belongings, it will also be uncomfortable for them. You need to designate some space around your house to include things like bedding area, toys, and scratching posts. You won’t want them to get into accidents as they navigate around the house or start playing in small areas, where they can easily knock down an item and cause injury to themselves. Consider storing consider storing some of your old, occasionally used household materials in a small warehouse in Singapore so you’ll have sufficient space for your pet’s accessories. This also includes making space in the kitchen or storage room for your pet’s food. Especially if you are buying in bulk, keeping bags or cartons of cans will certainly take up space.

Adjust Your Furniture and Other Interior Fittings

Remember to pet-proof your place. These furry friends love to run around and jump on furniture, but they are also curious to everything in the house as they settle in their new environment. Keep hanging cables and non-animal friendly household items away. If you need the extra space for storage of some décor items like vases and ceramics, finding the cheapest self storage in Singapore is a good idea. Give your pet an accident-free space in the house.

As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Store also provides small self storage units in 2 locker sizes for $39/month (1m x 0.6m) and $59/month (1m x 1m). They are ideal solutions for temporary storage of small personal belongings without breaking the bank.

Making Space for Furry Additions with Self Storage

Just like humans, pets love having that extra breathing room. They relish open spaces where they can run, play, and sleep comfortably without feeling squeezed or infringed. Therefore, if you have too much clutter at your home, go through them and decide which ones to put them away in a self storage in Singapore. By creating and preparing for the right conditions for your pet, this will allow it to settle in the new surroundings a lot faster while maintaining the comfort level for the whole family.

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