Making the Best Use of Self Storage for Different Life Stages

From students to senior citizens, people of all ages can benefit from using a self storage unit at some point in their lives. As everyone goes through various phases, having the extra space for storage can come in handy and can make a lot of people’s lives easier. You can find various warehouse rental that offers storage spaces and units for all your needs.

Read on to find out some of the various ways people of all ages and at different life stages can make use of the storage units from a self storage in Singapore.

1.    Moving Houses

Whenever you have to move to a new place, it is a stressful period of time. Regardless if you’re buying or selling a house, you’re going to be moving a lot of your personal stuff including bulky items like furniture. This is where renting out a storage unit comes in which can make your process a lot easier. You can enjoy the extra space for storage as the perfect temporary home for your possessions before moving into your new place.

Work+Store is a small warehouse in Singapore that provides storage units for rent, available in sizes ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft. Each storage unit is secured with 24-hour keycard access and under CCTV surveillance as well to provide a peace of mind over the security of your belongings and great accessibility for you to retrieve or store your items. Costs are managed by flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates as units come equipped with basic facilities like air conditioning and lights at no additional fees. You can conveniently store your furniture and other belongings anytime you wish to.

2.    A New Hobby

Sometimes your new interest might introduce you to a lot of stuff that you will have to bring home. Whether it’s sewing, arts and craft, painting, music or you’re a collector, renting a storage unit from the cheapest self storage in Singapore can provide you with much needed storage space without breaking the bank. It allows you to keep things related to your hobby all in one place without cluttering your home.

3.    Business Use

Storage units aren’t just for personal use – they’re also for business either. In fact, many businesses even operate out of storage units, which just goes to show just how versatile they can be. But, for the most part, businesses often rent storage units from small warehouses and self-storages in Singapore that offer more affordable options than acquiring more office space which tends to be costly. These units are particularly useful for companies that need to store things like excess or unused furniture and archived documents for temporary safekeeping.

Work+Store also offers workspaces from 88 sqft onwards that combines workspace and storage that are great for start-ups and e-commerce businesses to store and carry out order fulfilment duties. They are located in 7 areas around Singapore namely Eunos, Kallang, Ang Mo Kio, Upper Thomson, Bukit Merah, Tampines and Bartley to cater to your convenience. With your own workspace units, you can also reduce logistical inefficiencies, improve stock taking and have better goods procurement for your customers.

4.    Retirement

As you grow older, you start to amass things over the years that you have grown attached to, especially with sentimental value. Having a self-storage unit is one of the best ways to make sure that your possessions are kept as safe as possible while keeping your home tidy. Many people on their golden years downsize on many things including their house to create an easier living situation that is elderly-friendly. It is also a good time to declutter and store hand me downs in a storage unit that won’t take up space in the house.

5.    College

Another group of people who accumulate a lot of stuff over time are college students. From textbooks to collegiate memorabilia, they can add on to an ever-growing pile of clutter that occupies your dorm room or home. Students can also utilise self storage units to stay organised and have proper storage for their items that can come in handy during semester breaks.

At Work+Store, our cheapest self storage unit comes at $340 for 75 sqft, which is ideal for students who wish to split the costs with friends and share the unit. As one of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Store remains to be an affordable option for students, offering mini self storage units in 2 locker sizes: 1m x 0.6m ($39/month) and 1m x 1m ($59/month).

Whenever you are going through a phase in life or no matter what stage of life you are at, storage units can always help you get through all the sticky situations in life and declutter your home!

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