Making Use of Storage Units to Make Room for a New Baby

With a new baby joining the family, this means significant compromises were in store. From how you spend your time to what goes into your living space, you’ll have to re-arrange your life priorities as well as your home to make room for the baby and their supplies.

It can be a challenging task, especially if there is hardly enough room for you and your partner. Fortunately, you can make use of warehouse rentals in Singapore to put away some of your possessions temporarily and create more space for a new baby. Read on below.

Visualize and Identify the Extra Space

With a little creativity and visualization, you can transform your home and create room for the new arrival. Visualize how much space you need, measure the size of the space available and what type of furniture you can bring in – whether it’s a cot or bassinet for the baby to sleep in. You’ll also need to consider choosing furniture which can serve multiple purposes, like a playard which can be a changing station, play area, and place to nap. From a car seat-stroller combo to a collapsible baby bathtub, they can be great in space-saving from being easy to store to providing two-for-one usage.

With the availability of small warehouses providing self storages in Singapore, you can temporary store away less essential furniture which can be moved to create extra space.

Turn That Extra Bedroom into a Nursery

Do you have a spare bedroom that is unoccupied or used as extra space for storage? Or do you use it as a hobby room? You can convert the room into a baby nursery; start with a thorough purge. If you don’t wish to clear out everything in the room, you can move some of your belongings to the cheapest self-storage in Singapore and access it whenever you need.

Convert the Small Spaces

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However, if you do not have room for a nursery, fret not. Identify a particular area – a nook or corner of your bedroom or living area to set up a storage space for the baby’s items. You’ll need at least a set of drawers to store baby clothing, towels, blankets, powder, cream and so on. Think vertically and consider smart storage options in your space, like adding shelves to closets or walls, and space-saving organising systems such as over-the-door organizers to provide extra space for storage at home. Do some spring cleaning and discard stuff that you don’t need anymore. For the rest of the stuff that are not used regularly, you can store them in a self-storage in Singapore so you will still have access to your possessions.

As one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore, Work+Store provides flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates for a range of storage units starting from as small as 6 sqft to 730 sqft. The storage units are fitted with basic utilities like air-con and lights to provide an optimal storage environment for your belongings, suitable for anything from furniture to sports and equipment such as bicycles and surfboards to free up more space in your house. With 24-hour keycard access system and CCTV surveillance, you can be rest assured over the security of your items while enjoying convenient accessibility to retrieve or store your items as and when. In order to cater to your needs, there are also mini self storage units in 2 locker sizes which can fit 1 or 2 large luggage: 1m x 0.6m for $39/month and 1m x 1m for $59/month, for smaller personal belongings.

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