Making Your Spring Cleaning Fuss-Free with Self Storage


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for you to rid of household of the blues and dust, and fill your home with warmth and energy. Unlike regular day to day cleaning of simply doing the chores, spring cleaning can help in serious decluttering, reorganisation, wiping and scrubbing. Some even considered cleaning to be therapeutic. Especially after seeing your home clean and spotless which provides a sense of satisfaction and in turn, put you in a good mood.

Whether you have an old collection, furniture, clothes, tools kept in a storage room inside your home, renting a self storage in Singapore provides a quick and hassle-free solution to clearing your home out for spring cleaning. Such storage facilities offer you temporary safekeeping and let you get things out of the way during cleaning. You may also end up rearranging and redecorating your home so you may need the extra space for storage of items you occasionally use.

Here’s how you can make your spring cleaning fuss-free with storage spaces in Singapore.

Too Many Things to Organize

With so many possessions collected over the years, people are getting crowded out of their homes. Many homeowners often face a challenge of having an unending list of items to get rid of, store or figure out what to do with it. Start with disposing household items you don’t need anymore so there is less to clean and you have more room to work with.

Work+Store is a storage company in Singapore which provides storage spaces in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, with an all-inclusive rental rate and flexible lease terms. The unit is equipped with basic facilities like air conditioning and lights, as well as 24-hour key card access and CCTV surveillance security system, so you can store and safeguard your belongings with convenience accessibility for retrieval or storage.

Keep the Big Furniture and Appliances Away

Renting a unit in small warehouses in Singapore allows you to temporarily store large, bulky furniture such as sofas, cupboards, and other large appliances as your spring cleaning exercise goes on. It’ll help to reach those hard-to-reach areas as well as make movement in the house much more efficient and comfortable. Getting them out of the way makes it easier to get into the nooks and crannies of your home, and make it shine brand new again.

Swap Out Seasonal Stuff

Sort through your wardrobe and storage room for any occasionally used clothing and accessories, particularly winter wear and gear. It’s time to pack them up and store in a self storage in Singapore, so you can have plenty of room for clothes you are wearing more often. This also includes seasonal household decorations like Halloween and Christmas. This will leave you with lots of extra space for storage of belongings you will actually use and reach out for.

As one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore, Work+Store also provide mini self storage units (lockers) in 2 sizes: 1m x 0.6m for $39/month and 1m x 1m for $59/month if you have smaller personal belongings to keep. If you are unable to come down and store your items, Work+Store valet storage service provides temporary storage with transportation so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Enjoy the convenience and the additional space in your home that self-storages afford you. Rates are from $6/box with free pick-up and $20/return delivery trip. Simply call +65 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’.

Make “Zones” in Your House

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It is overwhelming to think about cleaning the entire house, so focus on one room or section of the house at a time. Set yourself a few hours per room to get everything tidied, decluttered, wiped, dusted and properly cleaned. If you are redecorating your space with rearranged furniture or a new coat of paint, having a clutter-free room would certainly help. Clear the possessions in the room and store them at the cheapest self storage in Singapore temporarily until you need them again after cleaning.

Putting in the effort to declutter and reorganise your home can save you a lot of time and money from searching for or replacing lost items in the future, as well as avoid allergy symptoms due to accumulated dust and dirt. It’s time to start afresh and make room for added quality to your life.

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