Why Having a Mini-Self Storage Unit Is Perfect for Students

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For those who are just getting into universities, it will be a transitional period in any student’s life. Besides continuing your learning journey in a new school and a new environment, you will meet new people, peers and teachers, and discover new things to expand your knowledge further. Whether you are transferring from one school to another, or simply on a semester break, you will face a considerable bulk of school books and supplies to move around. Find out why a mini self-storage unit is the perfect solution for students to temporarily store their belongings.

When It’s Time to Vacate Your Dorm Room


The most obvious reason you’ll need a self-storage unit is requiring a place to keep your items from your dorm room in between semester breaks. Having to transport your things all the way back home means you will need to make space for it in your own bedroom and house. If there are too many things and the lack of space is glaring, a self storage in Singapore will circumvent that problem. Work+Space offers mini self storage units (lockers) in 2 sizes: 1m x 0.6m and 1m x 1m for $39 and $59 a month respectively, which can fit 1 or 2 large luggage. Our cheapest self storage unit is available at 75 sqft for $340 if you need additional storage space. We have flexible plans if you opt to have more than one unit for yourself which is also a great way to share with your uni friends and divide the costs, making Work+Space an affordable option for students as one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore

De-clutter Your Accumulated Collegiate Memorabilia

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University students can be notorious in hoarding vast amounts of “stuff” in their dorm rooms and apartments. As dorm rooms are typically small with limited storage, you will find that you need some extra space for all the collegiate memorabilia you have accumulated over the long duration of your stay. Avoid sleeping in a cramped dorm room and start to spring clean your living quarters. If you are not ready to part with those items with sentimental value or you still have past semesters’ textbooks, occasionally used room decorations, equipment and clothing, a self-storage in Singapore will come in handy for an interim arrangement to keep your items safely while de-cluttering your dorm room.

Travelling Abroad

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Are you thinking of traveling for a semester abroad? Or deciding on an overseas trip for school-related activities? For the period that you will be abroad, using a self-storage can be useful to assure that anything you are not bringing along and left in the dorm room are safe, secure and out of the way. This is especially the case if you are living in a shared accommodation and you have roommates who invite friends around regularly.

University years are the most exciting years for many young people to learn, grow and make memories. Having a mini self-storage unit goes a long way in ensuring you will always have space to keep your school belongings and memorabilia any time you need to. As one of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Space is a cost-effective solution to any storage difficulties for the university crowd. Equipped with 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance, these self storage units offer affordability and a peace of mind to students needing sufficient secured temporary space to store their belongings.

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