Why You Need an “Active Storeroom”

Treat your private storage unit like an extension of your own home!

Constantly cleaning and organising your home can get old fast. At Work+Store Self-Storage, we understand that the clutter in your home might have sentimental value. No matter how hard you try to declutter, it may still be filled with myriad special items nobody uses every day.

This is where we come in. With Work+Store Self-Storage’s concept of “active storerooms”, clients can treat their private unit like an extension of their own home!

Our storage units are very versatile – here are some suggestions on how to use them to your benefit.

  1. Decluttering

When was the last time you opened your storeroom door without something falling out? There’s only so much you can store in your own home before the mess starts spreading around the house!

Be it a mountain bike you only get to use on a “healthy weekend” or a set of golf clubs inherited from your Dad, you’ll find the perfect spot for it in one of our storerooms. By re-housing these items, you’ll be able to free up space at home to make the most out of your well-earned square footage.

If you’re a high-flyer who doesn’t have time to spare for frequent trips to deposit or retrieve items from your storage unit, not to worry! Our handy personal valet service offers a free pick-up service right from your doorstep, as well as a drop-off whenever you need your items again.

Clearing clutter has never been easier or more convenient!

  1. Business Use

On the other hand, if you’re just starting up a small business, you should focus on building your client base instead of worrying about the safety of your inventory or paying exorbitant prices for rent and utilities.

For example, those in the Finance and Administrative field will recognise the importance of keeping files and documents for a long time as required by law – but would you rather keep these files in a $12 per square foot office or opt for a business storage unit at $3.50 per square foot? Or better yet, $6 per box through our valet service?

Moreover, if you’re a small e-commerce business owner, many offices may not allow the storage of goods in your office as well, forcing you to store your goods elsewhere. We advise checking out Work+Store Space’s facilities, a combined storage and workspace solution across 5 strategic locations, which might help meet your business needs.  

If special rent-free periods, flexible leases and a 24/7 access card system sound like your ideal workspace, get in touch!

  1. Renovation Storage

Ah, the nightmare of renovating! Dust and debris everywhere; strangers walking in and out of your bedroom – sounds horrific, doesn’t it? Just to give yourself some peace, rent a temporary unit to keep your furniture dust-free and your private documents from the prying eyes of strangers.

  1. Students

Living the nomad lifestyle is part of the student experience. If you find yourself moving out of the dorm for the summer or taking a gap year between studies, you’ll need a place to store your stuff. What’s smarter than investing $6/month for a secure storage box that can be picked up and delivered back to you at your request? You could also opt to share a storage box with your friend(s) to save a few bucks.

Don’t worry if you have odd-shaped items like a guitar or standing lamp – your personal valet will ensure that they are stored with utmost care.

Curious about any of our services? Contact us at +65 6631 0033 or e-mail shali@workstore.com.sg for a chat!