How to Organise Your Business Inventory in Self-Storage Unit

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When running an online shop, you will soon realise that renting a self-storage in Singapore can help you handle the inventory and order fulfilments. As one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore, Work+Store provides work and storage units starting from 88 sqft onwards that caters to your business needs. Fitted with aircon, lights and a powerpoint, it is an innovative work and storage solution ideal for start-ups and e-commerce businesses where you can fulfil online orders and store merchandises at the same time.

However, it is crucial to note that any self-storage in Singapore should make goods management for your business easier, not harder. Avoid placing and storing your inventory in the units without properly organising them, as you are not optimising the space usage in its fullest and your inventory will be in a state of disarray.

If the goods in your self-storage unit are starting to get disorganised and untidy, here are several tips you can begin to incorporate and make goods management for your business spick and span.

Make a List

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Write down a list of all the items you intend to put in the self-storage unit before you pack them up. It will help to have some order when listing, so for instance, you can list them down in alphabetic order or by item type. Whatever your choice is, it must make sense to you so you can easily refer back to it.

When you have a list, you’ll free yourself from the stress of having to recall whether you have placed something away in your self-storage unit. After completing the list, place it in a prominent and visible spot that is easily accessible, and don’t forget to also keep a soft copy on your computer.

Mark Your Boxes Clearly

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When you label your boxes, you can save yourself the trouble of rummaging through piles of boxes to figure out where you have kept specific items. By placing clear labels on the sides of boxes with descriptions of the general contents, you will have a much easier time in identifying your storage boxes and differentiating them. This way, you can efficiently pick out the box you need or how to stack them in an organised manner.

Colour Coding System

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Besides your list and box labels, using an effective organising system can help to improve your day-to-day business activities. The colour coding system is arbitrarily chosen as to what you wish to represent, such as task, purpose or person. Instead of turning your drawer into a pile of junk, you can easily organise and retrieve all your bills, invoices and other important documents. Using colours in this filing cabinet system adds better visual impact and see at a glance what you need to find.

Organize Your Items in a Logical Order

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Figure out the specific items that you need to retrieve more frequently and regularly as compared to others that are less needed, such as popular best-selling products in your business. As such you will have a better idea which one goes into the storage first, whether it is stacked at the most bottom or stored deep inside the shelf. Thus, things will be more easily accessible without you having to shuffle and ransack through everything.

In conclusion, taking these steps will not only make your work easier but also save you time. Use these tips and use your self-storage to make goods management easier for your business. Available in 7 locations around Singapore such as Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Merah, Work+Store space units bring you great options to accommodate your business needs, with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates. By combining storage and work space in the same unit, you can expect to reduce logistical inefficiencies and transportation costs when managing your inventory and carrying out order fulfilment.

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