Perks Of Event Space Rental To Host Your Special Occasion

Small Warehouse, Small Baby Shower Venues

The decision to select a venue for your event is crucial – it can either make or break the event. It is not merely a location to host your special occasion. Nowadays, people want to have an experience in the places they attend, to be wowed and leave with the right impression. This is critical to the success of your event.

As such, event spaces are gaining momentum in being alternative spaces for people to host their special occasions. Hotels and event halls are some of the traditional spaces that some are steering away from and learning towards small warehouses and self storages that offer a unique venue.

Here are the perks of event space rental to host your special occasion.

Accommodate your needs

Small Warehouse, Small Baby Shower Venues

Whether it’s a corporate party or a small baby shower venue, every event has its own décor requirements. There is no point in looking up for inspirations online and putting up a visual mood board to collate your theme ideas if you are not able to exercise your creative juices in the space. Event space rental is non-restrictive and offers the flexibility for you to decorate the space any way you wish to. Get your ideas well-executed and drum up the excitement for people to attend your event.

Flexibility extends beyond the interior of your event; it also includes hiring external vendors so you can host various activities and entertainment highlights for a memorable experience. Your menu selection will be up to your discretion to choose between various cuisines and food preferences.

Comfort and capacity

Small Warehouse, Small Baby Shower Venues

Having a general idea about your headcount is vital before you begin sourcing for venues. This is to help you accommodate your expected attendees comfortably and ensure a smooth guest flow so there won’t be a bottleneck in certain spots of the event space. You can also plan out the seating arrangement according to your guest list.

With that said, self storages offer flexible event space rental with unlimited pax capacity so you do not have to incur costs based on per head, unlike traditional event spaces. This benefits you in cost savings which you can utilize on other aspects of the event to bring out the style and tone of your event.


Event space rentals are highly flexible for you to transform the space for any celebration. Not only do they lend certain chic and sleek aesthetic to any event, the cheapest self storages in Singapore also offer affordable locations to celebrate birthday parties, farewell gatherings, weddings and any other milestone events. Looking for budget solemnization venues? Now you can without breaking the bank.

Saving costs does not mean sacrificing the quality of the space. You can benefit from an array of amenities to support your event. At Work+Store, our event spaces include basic fit-outs such as air conditioning, electricity (power sockets), lighting and water supply for the comfort and convenience of your guests. There is also 24-hour accessibility and facility use of parking lots and loading bays, so you can make the necessary logistics arrangement and facilitate in the set-up of your event smoothly.

Work+Store is one of Singapore’s cheapest self-storages that offer space rental for events ranging from 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft. They are highly versatile and configurable to meet your needs so you can plan your event as desired. Our rental rates start from $50 to $3,697 per day in which you can find the right space size that suits your budget. Under our parent company, LHN Group, there are bigger unit rentals for warehouse and office in commercial and industrial spaces across 38 properties in Singapore.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at for more information!