Refresh Your Work Space in a Jiffy!

Quick and easy office décor tricks!

Feeling uninspired in the office lately? Maybe it’s time to switch things up a little. At Work+Store, we know how to optimise space but it’s up to you to revitalise it with your own style and creativity.

Your work environment plays an important role in your rate of productivity and concentration, so begin there — analyse your space and identify what needs to be changed in order for you to work better!

      1. Find out what you need!

For starters, look around you. Say your desk, for example. Is it cluttered? Is it messy? Are there paperwork and stationery all over? If so, you probably need a larger desk or improve your organisational skills pronto!

Feeling crowded can affect your mental state and will sway your focus when you’re at work. Invest in a larger desk, or one with drawers that’ll hide the pile of documents and your computer keyboard. Can’t swap out your table for a larger one? Consider rollaway storage cabinets or under-the-table organisers.

       2. Draw inspiration

Carve out separate spaces for work and recreation to keep yourself inspired. Create a resting corner with a small couch and a rug (maybe add a few plants or artwork), and situate it near sunlight if possible. This corner is where you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease, which makes it easier for you to unleash your creativity.

Larger companies like Google and Facebook create these recreational and unorthodox office zones to keep their team at the top of their creativity game. Low on space? Try hanging a cork board onto a nearby wall and pin photos of your family and friends as well as heartening notes you’ve received over the years — these will act as little words of encouragement when you need it.

        3. Get the right atmosphere

Many of us underestimate the significance of our workspace atmosphere. Sometimes, the items we place in our office may set the wrong mood — these things may make us feel way more tired than we already are in our work environment!

If there’s no sunlight at all in your office, you probably need a desk lamp. If it’s way too quiet, you should play some music (we recommend instrumental or ambience).

       4. Decorate the space

The easiest way to refresh your office is to decorate it. You’ll want to add more life to your work environment by playing around with colours and textures. There are tons of ways to decorate — paint your office walls a deep shade of navy blue, use patterned window blinds, display your books and potted plants on a wall shelf.

Head down to stationery stores such as Typo or Kikki K to get started!

       5. Organise your workspace

This goes without saying — organisation is important. You don’t want to work in a mess (unless your job requires you to) or lose anything in your own office! If the files and documents on your desk are piling up, consider purchasing a file cabinet.

While shopping for storage options, think of unique ideas — such as mason jars for holding pens, or a rattan basket for holding plugs and cables. Don’t neglect cable management either; loose wires can be a distracting eyesore in compact spaces.


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