Renting A Self-Storage Unit At Work+Store

A simple and safe storage solution

Have you ever decluttered and realised how much more spacious your home could potentially look? If only you could bear to get rid of all the things you haven’t parted with in years…

There’s actually a super simple fix: self-storage units. They’re safe, affordable, and allow you to carve out a little slice of heaven away from the home. They also let you keep (read: hoard)  personal memorabilia, hobby collections, and bulky, seasonal pieces you only ever use once in a while.

We speak to Angeline Tan, Senior Manager, Business Development, at Work+Store, about Work+Stores self-storage service.

What’s the typical process for renting a self-storage unit at Work+Store?

Most of our tenants hear about Work+Store though billboard advertisements and word-of-mouth recommendations on social media. They contact us through phone calls or request a direct quote from our website, and we get back to them within one working day.

Occasionally, there are customers who are using self-storage for the first time or are unsure of what storage size they need we help them by looking at what kind of items they’re storing and determining which location is ideal for them.

Before making their final decision, customers can make a trip down to one of our outlets for a viewing where they’ll get a full tour of the building, the various unit sizes, and all the facilities available. They’ll also have a clearer understanding of the security at the building and the public transport options nearby.

What are the different sizes of the Work+Store self-storage units available?

The storage units are as small as 50 sq ft, and as big as 400 sq ft. The larger units are usually rented by tenants undergoing office renovation and needing a space to store their furniture and documents. The 100 sq ft unit is the most popular choice among tenants.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes. Tenants should rent our self-storage units for at least a month.

What are items that can be stored in the Work+Store self-storage unit?

General items such as cargo, clothes, or office documents. Most of our tenants also store furniture and household appliances. There are quite a number of tenants who use our self-storage units to store collectibles such as their toy or golf collections. All in all, the items kept in units are typically stuff that take up way too much space at home.

How about items that cannot be stored there?

Anything flammable, illegal, and dangerous.

What are the complementary facilities for Work+Store self-storage tenants?

Cargo lifts, passenger lifts, and free use of trolleys. The self-storage facility is also open 24/7, so tenants can access their units any time they want.

How’s the security like at the Work+Store building?

Access to self-storage units is restricted youll need an access card or code to get to a floor or unit. Tenants will be provided with these details once they’ve rented a unit.

What are some common mistakes tenants make?

A lot of tenants are inexperienced at gauging the right storage size, and only realise after renting that they’ve paid for space that they don’t actually need. This is why we encourage interested customers to give us a call or reach us online, so we can assist them in making a valuable decision.

What are things that tenants should know beforehand?

Besides items that can and cannot be stored, tenants should definitely be aware of what cant be done in the unit. Our self-storage units are meant for storage alone so activities such as woodworking are strictly not allowed. However, they are allowed to install shelves and racking systems to better organise their goods.

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