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Popular workspace design trends

You’ve secured your lease and crunched the numbers. Now the fun part begins: designing your workspace by optimising style, functionality, and square footage. Here’s how to get started.


The concept of hot-desking, where employees get to work wherever they want in the office without being confined to an assigned desk, isn’t particularly new. Besides promoting greater communication between employees, many businesses turn to hot-desking as means of saving costs they only have to spend on as many desks as needed, and the office space can be used for other functions.

In fact, there are co-working spaces outside that provide hot desks for freelancers and working individuals, like The Great Roomwhere members can work whenever and wherever they want in the building by paying a monthly fee. The downside, however, is that many have found the arrangement unproductive: setting up a workspace every day becomes a hassle and employees tend to lose commitment without a space to call their own.

Integrating technology

Office design today is all about the digital environment many businesses invest in furniture with built-in power adapters, replace walls with movable partitions, and install wireless charging ports around their office.  These measures increase efficiency and encourage collaboration among employees.

However, unless you have a high head-count and require a rate of efficiency that can only be achieved through technology, consider investing in other ventures such as ergonomic furniture.   

Designing for wellness

More than anything, your office should be one that caters to your employees’ well being because they will feel an immediate difference and perform better. Many businesses integrate natural materials into their workspace architecture and introduce as much greenery as possible.

Easy measures include allowing natural sunlight into the space, choosing wood flooring, installing a moss wall, and keeping an office rooftop or garden. Creating a social space or private retreat within the office fosters a healthy, people-centric environment, and allows time for rest and self-rejuvenation.

Creating multitasking space

Office design has come a long way from the traditional corporate office with cubicles that hinder employees’ productivity. Its not uncommon to see a multitasking zone in modern offices a social space could be used as a facilitator for staff interaction or a meeting room for clients, just as a workspace could double as a storage space.

Take Work+Store Space as an example: it is a unique hybrid of industrial and work space, allowing business owners to store their goods and fulfil orders while using the same air-conditioned area as a small workspace.

There are myriad workspace options out there – you just need to find the right fit your business. If you’re curious about the perks that Work+Store Space has to offer, give us a call at 6631 0033 or e-mail 

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