How to Safely Wrap and Protect Fragile Items for Storage

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Are you planning to move house or office? Or perhaps you are planning to create more space in your home or workplace. Whatever the reason for the move, you will most likely need to put away some items to create space for your new location or enable ease of transportation. A good idea will be to locate the cheapest self-storage space for this purpose. At Work+Store, we have self-storage spaces that come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft 625 sqft to accommodate to varying needs. If you are considering this option, you should learn how to ensure that your items, especially fragile belongings, are wrapped properly for storage.

To ensure your products remain in good condition through transportation and storage process, you need to use safe packaging material that will protect them from shocks and arrange them in a way that they can withstand the bumps of haulage, whether by car or truck. Here’s how you can properly prepare your items for storage:

Prepare in Advance

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Moving items to a self-storage space is something that is planned beforehand. Prepare in advance by having the right packing material, clear labels and bold pens to mark your items. Separate your items into respective categories and make sure to mark out which are the ones that have to be handled with care. This way, you will know which are the items that require special wrapping to prevent damage.

Also, one of the services you may choose to engage from Work +Store is our valet storage service which provides transportation to pick up your items for storage. By planning beforehand, you can have a good count of how many storage boxes you need and have them delivered to you for packing on the day of your storage pick up. Moreover, if you are able to pack your boxes within 15 minutes of the arrival of our staff at your doorstep, you will be rewarded with a $4 off your order. Preparing in advance has plenty of benefits you can reap!

Invest in High-Quality Boxes and Packing Materials


Our staff at Work+Store values your items like ours and will ensure that your storage boxes and items are handled with care. However, you should still take precautions for the safety of your goods and invest in good packing materials. Do not try to skimp on the boxes or packaging materials. Improvising using old boxes or newspapers may seem like an excellent cost-cutting idea but it is penny wise and pound foolish when your items do not make it undamaged to the other side.

At Work+Store Box Shop, you can purchase storage boxes of industrial grade to ensure the protection of your goods as well as bubble wraps, tapes and padlocks to secure your goods.

Wrap Each Item Individually

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Now that you have planned for the move and gotten the right materials, do not be tempted to cut corners and wrap multiple fragile items together when you start packing them. While items like books and clothing do not need special protection, your fragile items like glassware or trophies will probably get damaged from frequent rubbing if you wrap them together. Wrap each piece separately in bubble wrap and where the items have thin parts such as the stems of wine glasses, use thicker wrapping.

Carefully Fill Each Box, Use Cardboard Dividers and Protective Padding

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You cannot just wrap your items and throw them haphazardly in a box for delivery. First, you should reinforce the base of the packing box, then begin by putting the heavier items at the bottom. Use cardboard dividers to avoid rubbing and protective padding for extra protection. As you carefully place your items in the box, ensure the box is not too heavy and fill empty spaces using crushed old newspapers or anything that can act as a cushion.

Label all Boxes and Mark Them Appropriately

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To provide ease of access the next time you wish to retrieve something from your storage, you should clearly mark out what is contained within each storage box. The steps mentioned above will also ensure that your fragile items are properly wrapped for storage. However, all that effort could amount to nought if you do not indicate that a particular box contains fragile items and should be handled with care. Ensure that you label each box, indicate the contents and mark it “FRAGILE” when appropriate on every side and provide a clear arrow to show which way is up.

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