What Are You Saving for the ‘One Day’ that Never Comes?

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5 Things to Get Rid of in Your Home Right Now

Face it: the ‘One Day’ you’re saving all your junk for will never arrive. Be it a ‘vintage’ desktop from 2002 or a puffy bright green bridesmaid’s dress from 1999, chances are, you’re never going to use it again.

Here’s how most decluttering efforts go…

However, in most Singaporean homes, we simply don’t have the luxury of space to hoard inconsequential junk from 20 years ago. Here’s a list of things you should get rid of in your home immediately.

Technological Eyesores

Many people think there’s value in keeping old electronic goods. After all, if your current laptop fails, you have a backup, right? That’s great! But how likely is it that you’ll ever load data from your old gadgets again?

Tech junk is a common eyesore in many homes because people assume the devices are always worth something. In reality, however, a laptop from 2002 would only be worth its price in spare parts as the tech and software is obsolete.

Instead of hoarding old tech at home, donate them to charitable organisations that can repair and revive the devices to help the community.

Still think your tech has some collectible value in the future? As you wait for your items to grow in value, store them with Work+Store’s Valet Storage, which charges as low as $6/box and offers free pick-ups from your home.

Damaged Items

We’re all familiar with the phrase – “I’ll fix it!” You’ve either said it yourself or your partner / parents have uttered the words. Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase more than once because Project Fix It has been on hold for years.

If the washing machine that broke down two years ago hasn’t been fixed yet, simply get your local karang guni to take it away for its value in spare parts.

Same goes for smaller items like shoes. Many people tend to keep torn shoes in hopes they’ll have the time to visit the cobbler. When that doesn’t happen, the shoes simply accumulate over the years and take over a large chunk of closet space.

If you’re finding it difficult to part with your old items, fear not! Work+Store’s Self-Storage units can be easily converted into your very own walk-in closet. Drop us a message to learn more!

Sports Equipment

While it may be hard to admit that you’re not as active as you used to be, keeping large and bulky sports equipment like bikes and surf boards can be an eyesore for yourself and your neighbours.

Instead of donating or selling such expensive equipment, you can store it to ensure it’s still there when you’re going through another health kick. With Work+Store’s Valet Storage, you’ll be able to store bulky odd-shaped items from as low as $15 per item per month!

Bathroom Products

Remember the organic shampoo you purchased on a whim that ended up smelling like wet grass? There’s no reason it should sit in your bathroom creating a ring in the porcelain over the years.

Do a quick ‘sweep and toss’ of products you don’t use and make your space look clutter-free!

Tip: Half-used or barely used products can be repurposed to clean items like sneakers, kitchen cloths or even make-up brushes. Moreover, if the products still have their boxes and tags, they could make interesting add-on gifts during the festive season!

Still a while to go before the next festive season? Store your ‘gifts’ temporarily with Work+Store’s Valet Storage. All you have to do is pack all your excess items into a box and we’ll store the box for you from prices as low as $6/month!


What’s the point of having a museum – not a library – of books? If no one in your family is an avid reader, do away with hefty bookcases and free up space for things that actually matter in your home.

Willing but unable to give up old items like books, photo albums and collectibles? Why not try renting your very own storage unit – it’s like an extension of your own home! Simply store your excess items with Work+Store’s Self-Storage and access your items only when you need to. That way, you can easily maximise the square footage of your home for a clutter-free space!


Our lockers come in two sizes – regular ($39/month) and large ($59/month). They’re also accessible 24 hours a day at Work+Store (Eunos). These lockers may come in handy to create a makeshift mini library, for example.

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