Sell Your Home for a Better Price

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Five steps to successful home staging

First impressions count — that same principle applies when you’re trying to sell your home. The property market may be challenging to navigate, but staging your home will attract potential buyers to offer a better deal.

Here’s how you can increase your home’s market value.

Step One: Declutter

Property experts will tell you to not just weed out miscellaneous accessories but to completely eliminate any personal items: this includes photographs, travel mementos, postcards on the refrigerator, letters on the coffee table, and the like. Anything that could potentially signal to viewers that the home belongs to someone else should be hidden — your aim is to create a blank canvas for viewers to imagine themselves at home.

Be ruthless with decluttering. You can take the opportunity to declutter before the big move, or if you’re pressed for time, pack your belongings and put them away in storage first. Look for storage units with flexible lease terms so you can upgrade to a bigger space, downgrade, or cancel whenever you need.

Step Two: Use Neutral Colours

Stick to a neutral colour palette using taupes, greys, and whites, and keep the décor to a minimum. You should not have too much furniture left after decluttering.

Decorate bedrooms tastefully, starting with neutral bedsheets and accessories. Bolder colours may invoke stronger emotions in buyers, while neutral palettes encourage buyers to appraise the room objectively.

Step Three: Create Space

Let in as much light as possible. Use the Singapore sun to your advantage and keep your curtains open to brighten the space. Having abundant light helps to create the illusion of more space in the house, which is important for smaller HDB homes and condominiums. An old decorator’s trick is to give windows a good old-fashioned wash: the amount of light that streams in after a wash will leave you shocked at how much grime has unknowingly accumulated on those window panes.

Step Four: Clean Up

Nobody likes stepping into a dirty home. A clean place makes buyers feel more comfortable when they’re viewing the house.

Keep your bathroom looking clean and minimalistic by removing personal items. An old toothbrush or a blunt razor may seem insignificant, but buyers will notice them.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

These are the accents that complete your house’s transformation. A great home isn’t just about how it looks; it’s also about how it makes you feel. To set the tone, consider using scented candles to create moods that you want to convey: bright, citrus scents can energise, while warm vanilla relaxes buyers. Alternatively, having fresh flowers on the table can add a pop of colour and freshen the air.

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