Smart Ways for Regular Travellers to Utilise Self-storage

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Off to see the world? Most of us would experience the bouts of wanderlust to simply pack up and board the plane. But there are also professions would take you all around the world. People like travelling fitness instructors and nature photographers are always on the move.

Whether you’re flying across the world in adventure to check off that once-in-a-lifetime big bucket-list, or you’re a regular traveller going on business or pleasure trips, using a self storage in Singapore can be your best friend. Small warehouses and storage facilities provide travellers with a simple and affordable solution of providing the extra space for storage that they can utilise.

Holiday Gear and Equipment

Enjoy the extra space at home when the bulky, odd-shaped equipment that comes with you for travelling are kept in a self-storage in Singapore. This also includes holiday paraphernalia for outdoor and adventure-sports activities like mountain bikes, surfboards and paddleboards as well as camping equipment and hiking gear.

Work+Space is a storage company in Singapore which offers storage spaces in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, equipped with facilities like air conditioning and lights, for safekeeping of your travel gear and equipment until the next time they are used. Enjoy flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates, as well as 24-hour key card access and CCTV surveillance for your unit so your belongings are still easily accessible for retrieval while you maximise your home living space.

Seasonal Clothes & Luggage

In addition to travelling with gear and equipment, your luggage, backpack and other travel bag accessories can be really bulky and take up a lot of cupboard space in the months you are not using them for travel. Renting a small warehouse in Singapore with storage facilities is a good option to store your travel accessories as well as seasonal clothes like winter jackets and snow boots. This allows you to make room in the closet for more of your everyday clothes and retrieve your travel belongings as and when you need to. You can even store your luggage pre-packed with personal essentials like slippers and zip lock bags so everything will be in one place where you need them.

Travel Memorabilia

Magnets, postcards and keychains; these are things we are often familiar with when it comes to travelling overseas. Travel memorabilia and souvenirs are often a part of our purchases and are loaded with sentimental value. If they are seldom used and you lack the space at home for your collection, renting the cheapest self storage in Singapore is a great place to store more of your knick knacks and reminisce the fond memories attached.

Work+Store also provides mini self storage units (lockers) available in 2 sizes: 1m x 0.6m and 1m x 1m for $39/month and $59/month respectively, making it to be one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore. These locker units can fit 1 or 2 luggage, suitable for smaller personal belongings and have your storage needs met while keeping costs low.

Reduce Worry While Travelling

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When you are abroad for work or on holiday, you shouldn’t have to worry about your possessions back home especially if you are living with other family members or relatives. Accidents can happen while you’re away where things can break, be damaged or misplaced. When you rent a storage space in Singapore, you can place important or personal items and feel assured they would be kept safe until your return.

No matter your circumstances, whether travel is a dedicated part of your lifestyle or you are travelling for business, a storage room facility certainly serves as a temporary storage solution that will benefit different types of travellers.

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