Steps To Take When Doing Your Working Space Planning

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For any office relocation or expansion, work space planning is an essential requirement to figure out how to best utilize the space, create a strong culture and boost efficiency levels. Navigating to find the right solution that satisfies your workspace goals may not be straightforward – there are different factors to consider when planning the layout and design to ensure it is comfortable and conducive for work.

Many businesses today seek workspace rental in alternative locations such as self storages in Singapore that provide sufficient space and the flexibility in workspace planning without breaking the bank.

Here are 4 steps you can take to help guide you as you take on the process of managing your work space planning challenges.

Your goals for the new work space

Small Office For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage In Singapore

Whether it’s a big or small office for rent, you should understand your business objective in detail and identify the goals in mind for the new work space. It can include increasing productivity, instilling a sense of pride in your employees, attracting and recruiting new talent, breaking down information silos, and preparing for future growth.

This will help you to come up with ideas on a design that will balance the business vision, space utilization, department functions and future growth. Your work space should support your business, so ask yourself questions like do your employees need a dedicated workspace or will there be customers visiting often?

Prepare for future growth

Small Office For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage In Singapore

The goal of every business is growth, and you need to provide ways to accommodate future expansion and change instead of remaining stagnant.

As new business develops and job increases, there may be a need for more space to house employees in every department. Analyse and understand the maximum headcount might look like over the next 3 to 5 years to foresee your occupancy situation. Self-storages in Singapore typically offer flexible lease terms that will provide you with room to upgrade for your business expansion without long-term commitments.

This is also a good step to include storage space planning for your inventory and goods. There are some of the cheapest self storages in Singapore that offer storage space rental as well as cheap office space so you can decide whether you need standalone self storage services or include more space in your office for storage.

Your team’s working styles

Small Office For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage In Singapore

The layout for your workspace depends on what makes your team perform and the nature of work. Do you get optimum results from your employees collaborating or do they perform better in a focused environment?

You can also consider creating different zones for private, focused work with individual desks, and a collaborative space for everyone to enter and encourage collaboration with a big large desk and plenty of seats.

Some businesses may not have plenty of space to fit different types of furniture. If you have a small business space for rent, mobile desks can come in handy to create individual workspaces and then be aligned together to create a bigger conference table when the need arises.

Healthy workspaces

Don’t forget the little details. Ensuring a healthy and safe place for employees to work is crucial and best starts during the workspace planning phase. Bring in ergonomic desks and seating that can support their sitting positions and avoid any health consequences of sitting for long hours throughout the day.

Adding a touch of nature is always a good idea. Having nature elements in the workspace helps people to do their best work while improving their overall well-being. Include living plants which can increase oxygen levels in the space, promote a positive effect on the mind and freshen up your workspace interior.

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