Storage Solutions: Kitchen Edition

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5 tips to maximise storage space

Maybe you’ve tried adopting a minimal lifestyle but found it wasn’t for you. Paring down things may not be practical because it’s hard to say goodbye to your prized possessions. Why not take a different approach and try maximising storage space instead?

Homeowners often lament their small kitchens and bathrooms, but they don’t realise all it takes is a simple hack to utilise space in creative ways. Here’s how you can use your space without breaking the bank!

Tip 1: Go higher

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Ever wondered what to do with awkward, empty spaces above your cabinets? Make use of all that space by placing baskets above your cabinets and storing things you don’t use regularly, such as your cookbook collection or toiletry supplies.

Tip 2: Here’s a good hook…

Use space on the insides of cabinet doors by placing small hooks on them! Try hanging smaller, lighter items like measuring cups and spoons on them — this reduces bulk in your utensils drawer while creating easy access to measuring utensils!

Tip 3: On heavy rotation

Do you have to rearrange your carefully stacked pots and pans every time you want to grab something from the depths of your cabinets? It’s a familiar problem: awkward corners of cabinets are tricky to manoeuvre. Using a small Lazy Susan makes reaching out for things that much easier because you don’t have to stack them!

Tip 4: Vertical space

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Have you noticed the trend of vertical farming in Singapore? This concept can be adapted into an easy hack that multiplies your storage space! Take advantage of the wall space in your kitchen and bathrooms by installing shelving. Bonus perk: open shelves are easier on the eyes and convenient too!

Tip 5: Magnetic strips

Countertop real estate is precious — one easy trick is to install a magnetic strip on your backsplash for your knives. A conventional knife block takes up way too much counter space, but a strip? Definitely a stylish, space-saving hack!

Bonus tip: acquire external storage

Kitchen appliances are notorious when it comes to eating up space in the kitchen. Blenders, juicers, toasters, waffle-makers, ice-cream makers, food processors, rice cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, baking equipment — these fancy gadgets often aren’t used frequently enough to warrant the countertop space. Consider creating a dedicated shelf of kitchen appliances in the storeroom, or if you’re truly short on real estate, rent a small storage unit outside of your home to safely store these bulky pieces.

Are these hacks not enough to create more space in your kitchen? Call us at 6631 0033 to discuss your storage needs – we store individual boxes and a self-storage option for individuals as well!

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