How to Take Care of Your LEGO Collection

Whether you are a kid, a grownup or in your late 50s, you can take joy and at the same time test your building and critical thinking skills using LEGOs. However, LEGOs can be a source of great pain too since it can get challenging and inconvenient for players to properly store them. This is the reason why you will find a lot of parents complaining about these little bricks. Although they love the idea of using LEGOs to sharpen their kids’ creativity skills, the same cannot be said when it comes to organising them.

There are many advantages of keeping these LEGO pieces or models properly organized. The first and foremost is that it will not become a source of mess or even an eyesore in your house and will facilitate easier house cleaning and tidying. The second is that these small bricks will not pose as safety hazards in your home, which is especially crucial for families with young children or elders at home. Also, with proper storage, you will be able to spend more time building your LEGO models more efficiently rather than looking for the right LEGO piece that may be lying in the corner of your house. In fact, LEGO fans should consider storing the beautiful LEGO models they have painstakingly built in display cases at a storage facility so that they need not take them apart simply for the ease of storage at home.

Let us look at some of the creative ways LEGO fans have come up with to store their LEGO bricks!

Using Shoe Storage Bags

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If you only own a few hundred LEGO pieces, you can always use shoe storage bags to store them. You can sort them by colour, shape, or size and hang the shoe storage bag on your kid’s playroom door. This is probably the easiest and cheapest method of taking care of your LEGO pieces.

Using a Storage Desk

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For the devoted LEGO fans, why not invest in a desk with cabinets that can cater to your needs? When you see that your LEGO collection has increased and there is not enough room in the shoe storage bag to accommodate any more LEGOs, a desk is a good solution. Besides storing your LEGO collection, you can use the desk to play and build your LEGO models as well.

Using Wall Storage

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If you are constrained by space in your home or playroom, you can always look for storage ideas that can be mounted on the wall. Wall storage ideas have grown in popularity as they can save a lot of the floor space and make efficient use of extra vertical space. You can easily find headboards and plastic containers that can be mounted on the wall to create a good looking and easy to reach wall storage. Instead of using plastic containers, you can also use flower buckets to store your LEGO pieces.

Using Self-Storage Facilities

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If your LEGO collection has gone out of proportion and you do not have enough space in your home to accommodate these tiny colourful building blocks, you can always look for a self storage solution. Create more space in your home by freeing up the space used for storing these LEGO models with self storage units at Work+Store. At Work+Store, each storage unit is secured with a 24 hours access card security system and is under CCTV surveillance as well. Your valuable LEGO collection will be safe and secure for many months or years to come. Furthermore, you can even consider using a Work+Store Space unit as a collection display and space where you can invite your friends along to hang out or even build more LEGO models together. These units are charged at a flat rate from as low as S$270 every month per room for the space, air condition, light utilities and other facilities and are great for indulging in your LEGO and any other collections of your hobby.

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