The Importance Of Physical Workspace Environments For Staff

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental

For now, remote working is the new normalcy. The Circuit Breaker measures have indicated that non-essential services, meaning such as those not part of the transportation, defence and security, or food industries will have to turn their home into their new workspace.

However, as of June 2, the Circuit Breaker will officially come to an end, with the nation moving into a three-phased approach to gradually reopen businesses and for citizens to return to their regular lives once more. In other words, certain businesses can resume operations again. This means that an employer must ensure a safe and conducive working environment to motivate staff into performing at their very best.

Regardless of the size of your workspace rental, here are a few reasons why the physical workspace environment has a tremendous role to play towards the productivity of employees.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental

To emphasise on the previous point – efficiency and comfort go hand in hand with one another. A well-structured work, with proper planning, helps to improve overall efficiency. For instance, you can split the workspace into different portions, including a working area and storage room. Within the latter area, you can store old work files and documents for reference purposes. This will reduce congestion in the main working area and encourage better organisation, thus, efficiency.

Efficiency also applies to what your workspace is able to offer. Besides giving businesses a choice to select from some of the cheapest self storages and workspaces, where you’ll find sizes from 6 sqft up till 730 sqft for the best storage spaces, and 88 sqft onwards when it comes to workspaces. Additional bonus points of our spaces also consist of 24-hour accessibility and even camera surveillance. In regards to lease terms, Work+Store does offer flexibility whenever you’re interested in upgrading or downsizing your workspace or self storage – from short term lease up to contract transferring to a myriad of other products as well as services like vending machine venues, event locations, and the like.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental

It matters if your staff are comfortable while working. It would be best to ensure that their seats and desks have ergonomic provisions to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Some factors to look for when buying ergonomic furniture include seat and arm comfort, back support, height adjustability, and material. With the right furniture on hand, it will increase employees’ work productivity and efficiency in finishing tasks assigned to them.

While comfort within your workspace is vital in ensuring better work productivity, so is the location of your workplace. However, aside from considering where your location should be – make sure your space is well-furnished as well. At Work+Store, you can find low rent office space of your choice with general facilities included – from a powerpoint, lighting facilities, and even air conditioning. Moreover, our workspaces are within 10 locations in Singapore – specifically being 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, Ang Mo Kio, Kallang, Upper Thomson, Pasir Panjang, Tampines, and Bartley. What’s more, enjoy our ongoing rent-free deal at our Aljunied venue to be guaranteed of extra savings. For immediate cash withdrawal or deposits, you will also be able to find nearby UOM and POSB ATMs within the area. Let our staff know if you ever require any extra information. Terms and conditions apply.

Better profits

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental

Essentially, all the above-mentioned factors all add up to better profits for your business. The reason being that a conducive working environment allows your staff to work productively and be able to complete tasks much efficiently and quickly. A better workplace environment also allows for closer and effective collaboration and eventually, coming together will bring forward more ideas and even clinch more customers.

To better ensure such a possibility – conducive, vibrant, yet stress-free working environment – it also lies in the type of workspace you go for. Here, we have workspaces operating as an ancillary office to assist in smoothing business operations for admin tasks or manufacturing activities. As a storage company known for the cheapest self-storages and workspaces, we help improve customer service by introducing the intriguing yet effective solution of work and storage space together, which eases logistics and boosts efficiency in goods attainment.

Whether your business is still working remotely or returning to the workplace – the physical workspace environment remains as an important aspect for many employees. So, be sure to design it accordingly to their comfort and taste for better productivity.

The Circuit Breaker is officially over, but it doesn’t mean we all can rejoice just yet. For now, the situation will not return to normal and instead, to gradually reopen businesses and ensure it is safe to socialise again – the government has commenced the three-phased approach. And right now, we are entering Phase 1 where only certain businesses can resume operations. As for Work+Store’s case, operations have been proceeding as per normal since the start of Circuit Breaker and will still be this way continuing on. However, existing tenants who will be using our spaces – either workspaces or self-storages, will only be able to do so by complying with the measures and guidelines set in Phase 1. Now, let us do our best in fighting the pandemic by doing our own part!

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