Three Ways to Prepare Your House for Your New Baby

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Whether you live in a small apartment or a big home, welcoming a new baby requires adequate preparation. Your home will require an overhaul to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable in her new world. The mother too needs to be as comfortable as possible as she nurses the newborn. You will require space for the baby’s wardrobe, nursing area and a sleeping cot to name a few. Here are three great hacks on how to prepare and make space for your new baby at home.


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An infant is quite sensitive and still adapting to life after living in the womb for nine months. During pregnancy, the little champ is protected and cushioned from all harm by the amniotic fluid. However, once the child is born, he or she is exposed to the environment that has free radicals, dust and germs. Since the baby will be indoors at least for the first few weeks after birth, it is crucial to ensure the home is clean and safe.

Take out the curtains, bedding, seat cushions and covers, clean and disinfect them. Remember to clean the baby’s beddings too and ensure they are ready when the baby comes. The entire house will also require thorough cleaning and disinfecting to rid of any germs and insects especially bugs and mosquitoes. You do not want your baby catching colds before their immunity grows strong enough to handle and fight infections. Purchase hand sanitizers and place them in your dining area, sinks and bedroom to ensure all those who handle the baby are clean.

Create space

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If your house is spilling over with all sorts of items, it is time to rethink your organisation plans. You will require space for the baby’s items and all essentials that come with the newborn. You do not want to be scampering for items in search of baby diapers in the middle of the night when the baby is wailing and demanding your attention.

The only way to maintain your sanity during your transition to motherhood is to ensure your entire house is organized. Look around for items that you no longer require and get rid of them. These could include furniture, electronics and anything else that is eating up your space. If there are items that you seldom use like your golf clubs, luggage or surf boards, store them away in a self storage facility in Singapore. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft that are secured with a 24 hours access card security system and under CCTV surveillance. A valet storage option is also available for people who only need to store a few items and do not want to go through the trouble of transporting their own items to the storage facility. With this ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’ service, your items will be picked up and transported to a temporary storage location all without you leaving the house. These items may include belongings stored in storage boxes as well as odd shaped items like floor lamps or bicycles. By removing these items that are less frequently used, you can open up a lot of space for your new baby.

Secure your home

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While your apartment may look safe to a baby that cannot walk or crawl, you should still implement safety measures in your house. Time flies and before you know it, your baby will start crawling. It will be best to introduce protective measures like table corner protectors or securing your open balcony railings with a guard. The same goes for any open water containers. Your baby may crawl and try entering into one of those buckets filled with water, leading to an accident. Ensure that you take efforts to remove such hazards from your baby.

Carrying out all these activities when the baby is born can be nerve wrecking. The best time to carry them out is before the baby is born. Though you could be tired during your pregnancy, it will pay off to take time to prepare for your home before delivery.

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