Time Out

Time Management Tips from Busy Entrepreneurs

Your to-do list is running a mile long and your sleep schedule is way off track. But what’s 24 hours when you have a business to run, right? Wrong — sometimes it’s just about harnessing that time and making every minute count. Here’s how to up your productivity and get some extra sleep in the process.

Tip 1: Do one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is actually bad for you. Marilyn, co-founder of the Risograph print and publishing studio Knuckles and Notch, doesn’t believe in multi-tasking. She says, “I can only do one thing at a time, otherwise I will get distracted.” And according to psychological studies done by Atman et. al., even a brief interruption can distract you from your task. Lesson learnt: the more you do at the same time, the less you actually get done.

Tip 2: Daily to-do list

Productivity and time management apps like Todoist and Trello are a great way to stay organized, but only if you actually use them. David Kwok, the man behind Tiny Island Production and creator of the TV show Dream Defenders, prefers a simpler solution, “Every day, I write what I need to do on paper and cross it off as I complete each task. It’s simple but it works.” Creating a daily to-do lists allow time for you to plan and prioritize your day. If you prefer more structure, try this bullet journaling system.

Tip 3: Delegate tasks

If you happen to have a team (or multiple teams), remember to delegate tasks to your team members. This way you can focus on doing things only you can do. David cautions, “It takes years before you can build a good team, but you need to trust or give the benefit of the doubt that your team will deliver.”

Tip 4: Set strict time limits for meetings

Meetings tend to derail schedules, so don’t let your meetings bleed into your scheduled work time. Jacqueline Chang, co-founder of PREP Luxe salon and the woman behind 5degreeshift, likes using Fitbit Alta to keep meetings minutes on track. She says, “I use Fitbit Alta’s silent alarm reminders to make sure meetings are kept within a time frame; you won’t be rude because you don’t have to look at your watch or phone at all.”

Tip 5: Schedule a monthly decluttering session

When clutter takes over your working space, you may end up spending more time worrying about the mess around you than doing productive work. Schedule a monthly office decluttering session so you can keep your mind focus on doing work that matters. Jacqueline suggests using the Konmari method to organise your workspace.

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