Tips on How to Get Your House Prepared and Ready for Rental

Singapore has some of the strictest house rental rules in Asia. For instance, it is illegal to sub-let or rent out HDB flats for less than six months, and for a private home, you are not allowed to rent it out for less than three months. With such stringent rules, home renters are on the lookout for the best and efficient solutions as it will affect their plans for at least half a year.

If you have acquired a second home and would like to rent out your current apartment, you will need to prepare the house adequately so that you can offer the best rate and attract the best tenant. Below are five tips on how to get your house well-prepared and ready for rental.

Impress at the First Impression


Most prospective tenants will initially form their first impression upon the exterior of the house before they walk through the doors. If it seems well maintained and organised, they will have a pleasant expectation of the house and look forward to going inside. Make sure you clear out any broken pot plants or dead plants, organise your footwear in a shoe rack and clean up any surrounding dirt or debris. Your doorstep should be inviting to these prospective tenants and if you have excess, barely used side furniture that is taking up space, you can move it temporarily to the cheapest self-storage in Singapore. From odd-shaped items like bicycles to occasionally used belongings like luggage, Work+Store offers a range of storage units in varying sizes for all your storage solutions, with 24-hour keycard access system and CCTV surveillance. Work+Store also has a valet storage service which provides temporary storage as well as transportation for the convenience of moving your items.

De-Clutter and De-Personalize

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Remove any clutter that may be lying around unnecessarily in the house. You can also take away any room décor, photos and fixtures that are more personal and private. When you begin to de-clutter and de-personalise, the house will offer a neutral visual environment to advertise and allow prospective tenants to imagine how they can personalise the space. However, instead of disposing everything, you can temporarily store some of the items in a self-storage in Singapore while you organise your house. At Work+Store, storage spaces range from 6 sqft to 730 sqft so you are afforded as much space and time as you need, to sort out your belongings.

Patch, Paint, Fix, and Repair

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The process of de-cluttering and de-personalising the house may tear down some places and deface the home. Take time to run through the house to patch surface defects or holes in your wall, apply a fresh coat of paint, fix any fixture or drainage, or replace broken tiles. As a responsible landlord, be meticulous on this so you can make your house a safe and pleasant environment for anyone to move in. Once you are done, you can temporarily store any excess extra paint, tool supplies and materials in one of Singapore’s cheapest self-storage providers, Work+Store, until you find use for it the next time.

Replace the Locks

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For security purposes, ensure you replace the locks or re-code all locks on the internal and external doors, gates, and storage rooms. If you already have a security facility in your gated community, make arrangements to hand over the gate access codes or keys for amenities. You also do not need to dispose of the old locks since it can be repurposed for future use. Keep them in a box and store them securely in a self storage in Singapore, so you can avoid misplacing them and easily access them anytime you need to. At Work+Store, there are small self storage unit starting from 6 sqft and mini self-storage lockers to temporarily store your unused locks and other small items until you need to retrieve them again.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

If you can spare the cash, consider upgrading your home furnishings and other facilities. For instance, you can replace old power points with dual power points, and modern light fixtures. With the latest technological upgrades in homes, modernizing the fixtures and fittings can create a contemporary space that will appeal to more tenants with a better rent rate.

These above-mentioned tips will help to transform your home from a highly private and personalised space to a coveted, presentable rental unit. In no time, your house will be ready for its new tenant to take occupancy.

Packing away any occasionally-used items and belongings temporarily to a self-storage unit in Work+Store not on offers you the space, but time to help you declutter efficiently. If you wish to find out more about Work + Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at 6578 9966 or email us at for more information!