Tips on Clearing Kitchen Clutter for More Cooking Space

Tips on Clearing Kitchen Clutter for More Cooking Space

The kitchen is no exception to being a magnet for clutter. They are one of the working spaces in our homes that have a tendency to accumulate clutter, from our kitchen cabinets to counters, where things always seem to pile up or get in the way.

If you find that you are always fumbling for ingredients and kitchen tools in kitchen drawers, or you are in need of extra storage to store your kitchen appliances, it’s time to address the clutter problem.

Renting a small warehouse in Singapore is a good solution to temporarily store things in your kitchen that are rarely used so you will have a much enjoyable place to prepare a delicious meal. Here are some of the most practical tips on how you can clear clutter from your kitchen and create more cooking space.

Be a Minimalist

Give the entire kitchen an objective assessment. Instead of having sentimental thoughts about those items that were gifts or bought overseas, highly consider what you use on a regular basis. Keep nothing more than what you need and look into a self-storage in Singapore for extra storage to keep rarely used cooking appliances. Your counter is a valuable space that only a small selection of appliances and utensils are allowed to reside. If you’d rather buy your own waffles or ice cream outside, appliances like ice cream maker can be kept in self storage units to free up some space.

There is warehouse rental in Singapore which offers storage units for temporary safekeeping of your belongings. At Work+Store, you can find storage units in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, equipped with CCTV surveillance and 24-hour keycard access. You can enjoy greater accessibility to retrieve or drop off what you need anytime on your own pace, and have a peace of mind over the security of your personal possessions. Choose the size of the storage units according to your needs and keep your occasionally used kitchen appliances in them. You have more kitchen space to work with that is rid of clutter.

Alternative Storage Solutions

You’ll definitely run into clutter in drawers, or even have the infamous “junk drawer” in your kitchen. Some kitchen utensils also occupy more than their proportionate space in drawers where they are better re-arranged elsewhere. Consider floating shelves fixed at the side of the cabinet, with mason jars and baskets for vertical storage, perfect for your rack spices and cutleries. You can also use suction hangers and hooks to hang your utensils and paper towels.

Kitchen Zones

Everyone have their own preferences and their own way of working in kitchens. Creating kitchen zones by task should be done according to your own needs in order to limit the amount of time spent trying to find things. You can store infrequently used tools on high shelves of cabinets and those you reach for often at easy-to-reach spots. For example, cooking tools like cutting boards, knives, pots – live in the cooking zone, the stove area. Plates, cups, bowls and glasses can be arranged in the upper cabinets directly above the sink, or beside it. You’ll not only be more organized, but you’ll have a better time finding what you need in that zone.

Seasonal Storage

Typically, on a big family get-together or special holidays, it would be the time to break out certain kitchen appliances and utensils. But for the rest of the year when you aren’t hosting dinner parties, then extra dinnerware wouldn’t be in regular rotation and will be occupying your kitchen storage space. If you find yourself running out of extra space for storage, consider the cheapest self storage in Singapore and store your seasonal kitchen tools like serving platters, roasting pans and bakeware.

We all know how fast clutter can accumulate in the kitchen and various things will find its way to temporarily ‘live’ on the countertops. Aside from the afore-mentioned tips to rearrange and deal with the contents of your kitchen space and storage, renting a self storage in Singapore will also come in handy to keep your kitchen more organized.

As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Store storage units are managed with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates, which comes with basic facilities like air-conditioning and lights so there are no unpredictable utilities/facility fee. In order to cater to your needs, there are also mini self storage units in 2 locker sizes: 1m x 0.6m and 1m x 1m for $39/month and $59/month respectively, which can fit 1 or 2 large luggage, for smaller personal belongings.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!