Tips To Managing Your Own Inventory And Office Documents

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As your business is growing, your inventory and volume of office documents may be increasing by the month. One of the most integral parts of any business is inventory and records management. If your workspace is in a chaotic order, you can lose productivity and the efficiency to carry out your job.

Determine how organized is your business’s inventory management. Do you find it easy to search for the right document or products when needed? Can you quickly reconcile your stocks between what’s in your records and what’s available physically? Do you lose out on business in terms of out of stock items or lose money due to excess inventory?

Avoid losing valuable productivity. Here are excellent tips for managing your own inventory and office documents.

Constantly Track Your Inventory

Business Space For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Working Space For Lease

Self storages in Singapore offer storage units and business spaces for rent as a convenient solution for companies to work in and store goods in the same place. Establish a solid system in place to track your stock levels. You can utilize various inventory management software that connects to your point of sale and offers real-time sales analytics. Stock levels are auto-adjusted every time you make a sale so you will always know which stocks are running low for future orders.

Identify and Remove Slow-Moving Stock

Business Space For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Working Space For Lease

Your inventory tracking software should also help you filter out stocks that have not been sold in the last 6 to 12 months. Excess stock wastes capital and takes up space that can be better utilized for other products. You can consider different ways strategies to get rid of it such as a sale promotion or special discount. If your business space is running out of space for storage, you can rent a unit in the cheapest self storage in Singapore for temporary storage of your inventory.

At Work+Store, we provide storage spaces ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, with all-inclusive rental rates and flexible lease terms. There is also 24-hour keycard access to your units, so you can access your stock items at your own convenience.

Perform Self-audits

Business Space For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Working Space For Lease

Aside from having a good inventory management software, you still need to ensure that you periodically conduct physical checks and count your inventory to ensure your stocks matches. This can be useful for products that move fast or have stocking issues.

Document Management

Business Space For Rent, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Working Space For Lease

The influx of critical documents such as invoices and receipts may grow as days go by. Whether you are working at home, in a traditional office or workspace rental in Singapore’s self-storages, you can benefit from having a strategy for document management. Organize various files depending on the ease of retrieval and store them in a sequence that makes sense to you. Also, establish a policy on how long to keep those documents and when to dispose of them, if need be.

Your digital document storage should also mirror your physical filing system when storing documents and records. Regularly sort through, file and purge hard copy and electronic copies to prevent clutter from piling up.

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