Top 4 Things You Should Remember During Event Planning

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Event planning can be a stressful endeavour. A slight misstep or oversight could have a significant impact on the occasion, mission and sometimes to your brand as a planner. To avoid or minimize the chances of missing out on something critical, event planners often arm themselves with comprehensive checklists.

The checklist is probably the most valuable planning tool for any event planner worth their salt. It gives the planner confidence that everything is in check as the big day approaches. If you are developing a checklist for an upcoming event, here’s a list of the top 4 items you should include in your checklist.


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There are many aspects to an event venue. Whether it’s a traditional venue, event hall rentaloran event space rental from a self storage in Singapore, it is a significant element involved when hosting any event. It has the potential to make or break the event.

Choosing a venue also involves considering all the factors such as capacity, location, pricing and some of its features. However, a sub-checklist of all the important things you need inside a venue is also necessary. You need to ensure that the lighting, sound, washrooms, catering, and many other aspects relevant to running an event are also taken care of. Ensure that you follow through on all the necessary licenses and permits, if needed, that are required for your event.

For example, when you are looking for a small baby shower venue, keep in mind on how well you will be able to decorate the space and materialise the baby shower theme. Depending on your guest list, you may wish for a smaller, cosy space for an intimate celebration among close friends and family.


Once you have your event space rental booked, you can work on the logistics. Details such as managing human traffic flow, receiving dignitaries, transporting of goods, staffing of the event and even preparing contingency plans are important.

A slight oversight in the logistics can derail the entire event or be critical towards your reputation. Minimize the risk of a logistical mess and chaos by using a logistics checklist to provide information on what is needed. For example, if you are searching for affordable wedding venues, there are the cheapest self-storages in Singapore that offer 24-hour accessibility and loading bays that can benefit you in preparing for the event smoothly. This allows you to facilitate with your wedding vendors better in order to set up before the event in a timely manner.

Food and refreshments

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Is external catering permitted in the event space rental? Can it support the space required for serving food? Remember to check with your list of guests if there are any cases of known allergies and food preferences. You will avert a much bigger catastrophe by ensuring the food is safe and will suit everyone for an enjoyable event experience.

The menu choice can also make an impact towards your guests, so make sure you can mix things up from just a basic spread, while still pleasing the folks with more traditional palettes. If you’re planning for a birthday party in a unique venue such as a self-storage in Singapore, you can get creative with your catering spread with an interesting choice of dessert bites while keeping the main dishes more familiar on the tastebuds.


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Staffing can be enlisted with help from willing family members and friends or contracted for the event. Nevertheless, adequate staffing is necessary to manage and handle different aspects of the event, such as ushering the number of guests that are anticipated to attend. Ensure everyone knows their roles and expectations, and direction is provided to them to carry out the assigned tasks.

In conclusion, a comprehensive event checklist with these aspects can help you run a smooth-sailing event planning and minimize cases of pitfalls and accidents.

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