Have You Been Treating Your Mind and Body Right?

5 ways to maintain self-care at work

We often neglect what our bodies try to tell us and regret it after. Believe it or not, things like lower backaches and tired eyes can be avoided if you dedicate a small amount of time a day to take care of yourself. Here are a few small changes you can make that will go a long way in maintaining a healthier lifestyle and improving your productivity at work.

  1. 1. Eat lunch away from your desk

In fact, avoid staying in the office during lunch hours. Be it the pantry or the cafe a few blocks down, take a breather from your work environment and get some fresh air outside. Catch up over your weekend activities with your colleagues or discuss what happened in the latest episode of that TV series everyones watching in short, when youre out of the office, talk about things that arent office-related! That way, whatever stress youre dealing with will slowly fade and youll be able to get back to work after lunch feeling refreshed.

2. Plan your daily priorities

Improving your productivity at work will do your mental health more good than you think. As much as we don’t want to, we sometimes end up staying in the office through the night or work on the weekends.

If it happens regularly, you should probably plan out a detailed calendar for your tasks to prevent yourself from overworking. Purchase a weekly planner and spread your workload out evenly across each day. Then, before leaving the office at the end of the day, review your progress and update the planner so youll know what to focus on the next day.

3. Keep a motivation folder

A motivation folder is a folder for you to keep all the words of motivation and compliments youve received, and anything else that acts as an encouraging pat on your back. It can be a literal folder, or a folder of items on your computer.

When youre feeling uninspired or stuck in a rut, looking through it will help you gain motivation and feel ready to take on your next project. Plus, its healthy to promote self-love once in a while, so dont be afraid to remind yourself of your greatest achievements!

4. Take regular breaks

Sitting at your desk the entire day will not only make you feel lethargic, its bad for your body, too. Regardless of how huge your current task is, dont forget to give yourself short 5 minute breaks every two hours. During this break, youll want to completely block out work. Take a walk around the office (or even outside, if you can), listen to instrumental music on your earphones or scroll through your social media feed whatever helps you relax!

5. Reward yourself with occasional splurges

As the saying goes: work hard, play hard. Theres no better way to reward yourself or celebrate the success of your newest project by celebrating it through splurges. Take yourself out for a fancy breakfast, and if youre one to enjoy retail therapy spend a whole day at the mall.

Or even better: spend a weekend out of the country and drop anything work-related. Its important to temporarily free your mind from all the information youve been bombarded with at work. Allowing yourself mini rewards will only revitalise your mind and body!