The Ultimate Guide to Moving

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Moving may sound stressful and daunting, with all the associated heavy lifting and mounting costs. Whether you’re hiring professional movers or moving everything by yourself, you’ll want to make plans accordingly and save on your expenses.

If you’re still months away from moving day, fret not — use this time to sort out your budget, checklists, and important contacts. Here’s a timeline of events we’ve put together to help you track your progress and to-do’s, and to make sure all goes well on the big day.

8 Weeks Before

Two months away from the big day! Let’s get started.

  1. 1. Keep a file for everything

You’ll want to have a folder or journal for all your contacts, to-do lists, reminders, and important details.

2. Create an inventory

Keep an inventory of everything in your current household, then go through your new floor plans, and decide what stays and goes.

3. Decide whether to hire movers or do it on your own

Once you’re done with the inventory, you will have a better idea of whether to hire professional movers or move yourself. If you’re still unsure, research moving companies in your area and give them a call. Keep in mind that moving companies are often booked in advance, so don’t procrastinate!

4. Purchase home insurance

Accidents do happen. Contact your insurance agent for a home insurance plan that covers moving homes.

5. Rent storage

You don’t want your current home to be overcrowded with boxes. Consider a temporary storage facility or rent a small space for a month or two, to put all the boxes and furniture.

6. Purchase packing supplies

Packing your clothes and belongings will require several packing supplies such as cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Head down to the hardware store with a list of all the things you need.

7. Take pictures!

If you’re hiring movers, make sure you take pictures of the condition of your furniture, just in case there’s a moving mishap!

2 Weeks Before

Two more weeks till moving day! Hopefully, all the packing has been going smoothly thus far. By now, you should only have a few tasks left to do.

  1. 1. Continue packing

Don’t forget to label your boxes, wrap fragile items, and include special instructions if there are any.  Label boxes according to the room they belong in – E.G. “1/10 Bedroom” or “3/12 Kitchen” so you’ll be able to tell when a box goes missing.

2. Seek professional help

If you’re still not (at least) halfway done with packing or having difficulties with moving day procedures, there’s not much time left — hire professional packers or moving services.

3. Complete last-minute tasks

These tasks include getting rid of old things in your home (such as paint), eating whatever’s left in the fridge, and cancelling or reallocating magazine and newspaper subscriptions. You may also want to amend your addresses for credit cards, banks and online shopping portals.

1 Day Before

Almost there! Any last-minute errands or calls to be made should be done before the day ends, but more importantly: sleep early and get enough rest for the busy day ahead.

  1. 1. Have relevant documents by your side

Make sure all important paperwork and documents are printed out and kept in a file, or saved on your mobile device, so you can access them easily anytime.

2. Defrost your fridge

And freezer. Clean it afterwards and let it dry overnight, so it’ll fit right into your spotless new home.

3. Disassemble remaining furniture

Sleep on your mattress tonight, and have your bed parts disassembled and packed —your body will thank you the next morning.

4. A box for necessities

Have a small box for you to throw in any knick-knacks you might miss out on while packing, or things you’ll use even on moving day (like your toothbrush!).

Moving Day

It’s the big day! If you’ve been sticking to the checklists over the past few weeks, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Moving day is inevitably busy and tiring, so don’t be surprised if you come across any last minute problems or even forget certain tasks.

Here are three things to do before stepping out of your home for the last time.

  1. 1. Check every room

Walk around your entire house — every single room and corner — and make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Open every drawer and cupboard door — you’ll never know what you might’ve missed!

2. Empty the bin

A no-brainer — throw out all garbage.


Whether you’re hiring movers or putting in some elbow grease, we hope this article comes in useful and makes your moving process an easier one!