Under One Roof: Tips on Making Room for Your Elderly Parents

If you are among many in Singapore who are staying with their elderly parents or having them move in the house during their golden years, there is plenty of considerations involved to accommodate them in. You should assess whether you have sufficient space for them to sleep in as well as any extra space for storage of their own belongings, while bearing in mind your personal needs for space. Additionally, you must evaluate the safety of your home and anything else you need to do to make your home more senior-friendly. Below are some tips on making room for your elderly parents.

Having the Right Space

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You need enough room to provide each other privacy, comfort and easy access to other areas around the house such as the kitchen and dining area. Depending on their medical condition and age, they are likely to depend on you and require more support to move around. Therefore, your walkways need to be clutter-free and rid of any piles of belongings to avoid any accidental tripping.

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Making Your Home Safe Enough

As one ages, conditions such as arthritis, and other neuromuscular ailments commonly occurs. These medical conditions curtail movement and can even restrict other day-to-day activities such as getting to the bathroom, to be challenging. Your parents will have a hard time going around the house, and a step that’s too high could cause them to slip and fall. They may need support rails and bars which they could lean on and support themselves as they get around the house.

The Final Touches to Ensure the House is Elder-Friendly

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Now that you’ve put measures in place to ensure your home is safe and taken steps to enable ease of movement as well as accessibility around the house, you can put in the final touches to ensure it is elder-friendly. Make sure the rooms are well-ventilated at a comfortable temperature and that the bathrooms have non-slip mats. Rearrange furniture to enable movement using mobility aiders. If you need additional storage space, consider a self storage in Singapore to temporarily store your belongings while you sort through what to keep and discard without cluttering your home.

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These tips are not only suitable for your elderly parents, they can be applied to your home if you are living with your elderly grandparents or other aging relatives. Transforming your home environment into one that is elderly-safe and friendly allows for a harmonious multigenerational living.

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