Unique Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Celebration

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As the bride or groom, you would want nothing but to make your wedding celebration as unique and as memorable as can be. For the big day, what adds to the beauty of the venue and event is the decoration. You can try new styles and ideas to personalize your wedding celebration, which ultimately should be fun, joyous and utterly unforgettable.

When it comes to planning your own wedding decorations, it is crucial to choose the right event space rental that can accommodate your arrangement without fuss. Whether you need a big or small wedding venue, there are self storages in Singapore that offer cheap event space rental so you can have a budget solemnization venue or affordable wedding venue without breaking the bank.

Here are some unique decoration ideas you can consider for your special wedding celebration.

1.    Coloured Glassware

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Coloured cutlery and glassware like wineglasses can added a special touch of pop to your wedding table. You can also place them on the guests’ tables, and mix and match various shapes and sizes for an antique and rustic look.

2.    Hang Paper Lanterns

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The glow of paper lanterns exudes the feel of a dreamy wonderland, which can be ideal for your wedding day or reception. Aside from white paper lanterns, you can also use colourful ones or those with designs that still give a magical touch to your special day. Another added benefit of using paper lanterns is they are pretty enough in both daytime and nighttime.

3.    Flower Petals Boundaries or Walkways

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Using flower petals are nothing new in wedding decorations. However, instead of lining them along the aisle of your reception, you can make various shapes out of them to create a specially-designed path that’s worth gracing your first walk together hand in hand as husband and wife. You can even come up with a romantic boundary around the bride and groom’s table for a more intimate setting. Event space rentals from self-storages in Singapore offer you the flexibility to make your planning ideas come to life, so you can decide where your walkway is and the accompanying decorations in mind.

4.    Share Your Engagement Photos

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Most couples don’t really get a chance to show off their engagement photos to other people. Besides just uploading them on social media, why not show them off as decorations? Arrange your engagement photos creatively, as well as your photos as a couple throughout the years, across the venue or even as a centerpiece on tables. This allows you to share your favorite intimate moments with everyone else and add a personalized touch to your wedding.

When it comes to weddings, the decorations can play a big part in jazzing up your wedding celebration. Sourcing for affordable wedding venues in the cheapest self storages in Singapore allows you to save more for the location and spend on your ideal decoration. With the right coordination and effort, your wedding is bound to be a truly unique moment that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life.

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