Unique Theme Ideas for Your Next Baby Shower to Wow Your Guests

Cheap Baby Showers Venues Singapore

Baby showers are the best celebration that lets mothers-to-be feel the excitement of welcoming their new baby. Aside from the traditional pink or blue baby showers, there are so many possibilities of having more interesting themes. From DIY décor to yummy desserts, you can also consider hosting at a unique location to go along with your unique theme idea. There are self storages in Singapore which offer event space rental or event hall rental that is perfect as a small baby shower venue.

Now it’s up to you to decide on the theme. With so many ideas to choose from, we share some unique baby shower theme ideas that will please every attendee and are sure to be a hit!

1.Peach and Mint Infusion

Give an interesting and fun twist to the traditional pink and blue baby shower that people have commonly thrown, and use peach and mint colours. Not only is the color combination unique and easy on the eyes, you can also add in a couple of cute and eye-catching peach fruit and mint leaves decorations to enhance the atmosphere. This theme is also great for gender reveal parties or for a set of twins!

2. A Donut Party

Who doesn’t love donuts? This unique theme idea is perfect for the mother with a sweet tooth. The perfect excuse to indulge in a donut or two, using donuts as the theme for your baby shower is a fun, creative, and delicious way to celebrate the coming of your little one. Your dessert table will be filled with various doughnut snacks such as doughnut-topped cupcakes and doughnut hole pops. Set the scene with colourful and bright donut sprinkle party décor to tie everything together.

3.Pumpkin Patch

Giving birth some time in fall or October? What better way to incorporate the season in your baby shower than to use a pumpkin! From pumpkin food to serve at your dessert table to pumpkin-coloured and shaped decorations, it is easy to stay true to this theme.

4. Storybook

Try a storybook theme where the space will be decorated with items from children’s classic storybooks and fairytales. Each guest can bring a book for guests to talk about and read, or as gifts to the expectant mother to start building a small library collection. You can create a book banner and hang the books on twine as a decorative feature in the space. You could also add a small stack of books that act as a centerpiece on tables, with a flower vase on top. Have fun with your menu and take an idea from a book to whip up something that looks associated with the book.

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