Utilising Valet Storage at Work+Store

Hassle-free storage in Singapore!

Want to have your home looking bright and spacious again? The solution lies in valet storage a fuss-free storage service that collects your belongings and keeps them in a safe facility. Work+Store Valet is perfect for those of us who need storage help but don’t want the hassle of maintaining an entire storage unit ourselves.

Today, we speak to Angeline Tan, Senior Property Manager at Work+Store, who shares a few insights about Work+Stores valet storage service.

Can you describe the valet storage process at Work+Store?

The valet storage service at Work+Store is for people looking for a space to store their items, but don’t need to frequently access it.

The process is fairly simple: tenants go onto our website to learn more about the various pricing options and storage size details, then rent a space by creating an account. If theyre unsure about the type of storage space they should rent, they can reach out to us through email or phone. All they have to do is send us a photo of the items to store and well provide them with a quotation.

The Work+Store Valet storage service offers transportation, too once tenants are done packing their items, they can contact us to pick them up and store their stuff for them.

Who are the most common users of Work+Store’s Valet service?

International students and foreigners working in Singapore. Most of the international students are here to study for a short period of time. They usually rent a storage space at Work+Store when theyre planning to travel abroad as they need space to store their belongings, such as their suitcases and clothes.

There are locals who engage our valet storage service, too most of them are either moving houses or renovating. They usually end up extending their storage periods with us when they realise they do not need so many items at home.

What should tenants know beforehand when engaging Work+Store’s Valet service?

They should be somewhat aware of how many storage boxes they require for the items they wish to store. If theyre packing items into their own boxes, we can advise them on the right storage size needed or what kind of vehicle transportation they require.  

What are some items tenants cannot store in Work+Store’s Valet space?

Food. Flammable and dangerous items, such as electrical appliances.

Any common mistakes tenants make when engaging Work+Store’s Valet service?

Over-packing their boxes. Sometimes tenants underestimate the weight of their items and exceed the 20kg weight limit for each box. We advise tenants to weigh their boxes and pack efficiently to make the valet storage service a smooth one for both themselves and our movers.

What makes Work+Store different?

There are tons of storage services in the country for people to choose from, but Work+Stores storage service caters specifically to those who wish to drop their items off at a safe, storage space and leave it there without constantly returning to check on their items.

We also provide strong customer support. Were always there to advise tenants and one of our top priorities is customer convenience, which is why we provide delivery transportation everywhere.

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