Some Valuable Tips for Reclaiming Your Garage Space

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The actual purpose of a garage is to house a family’s vehicles to protect them from theft, accidents, and any other harmful elements. However, most homeowners end up using these areas to store other not-so-valuable belongings. This is the reason you will find most cars sitting outside on the roads, even when the home has a garage. Furthermore, it may even start to look cluttered and messy.

There are many better ways homeowners can take care of the overflow of their belongings and create enough room in their garage to park their cars in their rightful place. Here are some valuable tips for reclaiming your garage space so that you can use it for the intended purpose.

Self Storage Units

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It is only with careful planning that you will be able to create enough space in your garage to park your vehicles. There is no need to throw away all the stuff that you have accumulated in your garage over the years. Make a list of things that need to stay and those that need to go. If there are items that are infrequently used but still valuable to you, consider storing them in external storage facilities. Once you have finalised the list of things that need to go out of your garage, you can look for the cheapest self storage units in Singapore and store all your extra items there. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft and are secured with a 24 hours access card security system. Opt for a storage space that accommodates to your needs or seek advice from the professionals at Work+Store for their recommendations. If you find it troublesome to transport your belongings around, you can also opt for Work +Store’s valet storage service where transportation will be arranged to pick up your items for storage at our Work+Store facilities. Whether you have boxes of belongings or odd shaped items like bicycles or guitars, we will facilitate the storage for you.

Once you are done moving your unused items to the self storage unit, you can re-organise your garage to make the best use of the space you have just created. Instead of putting everything on the garage floor, try hanging it upward. This way, you will be able to create plenty of floor space to park your vehicle in your garage. With Chinese New Year around the corner, this will help you have an easier time spring cleaning your garage and prepping it for the celebration! For this festive period, Work+Store has come up with special offers to help you create more space for your Chinese New Year gatherings. Enjoy a 38% off on our rental prices from just S$168/month (U.P S$270/month) for our self storage units and have an option to go for a one month lease as well. You can also opt for our Work+Store valet service that starts from $6/month to help facilitate your spring cleaning for the season.

Use Garage Ceiling Track Storage

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The high-up ceiling space in a garage is often the most valuable but easily neglected space when it comes to freeing up some space. Although it is not advisable to use these high-up ceiling spaces for storing often-used tools, you can use the ceiling space for storing light and medium weight seasonal items such as camping gear, holiday decorations and much more.

Create an Entire Storage Wall System

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Besides using the ceiling space of your garage, you can also effectively use the wall space with a wall storage system. You can make use of your walls to make those wall-mounted storage systems. From garden hose to ladders and from car washing machines to power tools, everything can be easily stored in these wall storage spaces.

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