WFH (Work-From-Home): 3 Simple Tips To Light Up Your Space

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With all the office and workplace closures measures put in place, the majority of workers will have to stay put at home and go into the WFH (Work-from-Home) initiative. However, as enticing as the idea sounds; not everyone will be able to maintain their productivity levels as they’re at home.

Just like how you would for an office space for rent or any other business space, focus on the lighting aspect of your home. For instance, the use of energy-efficient, bright, lighting – you can ensure that employees won’t strain their eyes and be able to focus a lot more on the tasks at hand.

Below, you can read on to find out more on how to light up your space at home for a more conducive and productive atmosphere.

Install overhead lights

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

The same goes for any business space for rent – you’ll find that most of them come with preinstalled overhead lights. So, similar to that lighting concept – work your way around your own lighting following that concept. Install bulbs into the false ceilings or add bright LED lights which can run along the entire length of the ceiling; these continuous LED lighting systems can help make your space look bright and cheerful.

Most people would prefer LED lights because these do not contain any harmful chemicals like fluorescent bulbs. Moreover, LED lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient. So by installing overhead LED lights, you will not only make your space well-lit and vibrant but also energy efficient.

Keep your workstation well-lighted


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

Whether you’re working in your room, kitchen or living room – it’s important to keep your space bright. While overhead lights are useful in a sense, at times, they may still not be able to provide sufficient lighting. As such, you should consider installing lamps on the walls of your workstation or bring in an LED table lamp.

This will make it easier for you to work, and you are assured of better productivity as you won’t feel lethargic due to the lack of light.

Focus on natural lighting

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Office Space For Rent

While artificial lights have a certain ring to it – seeing that you can install lighting of attractive and unique designs; natural lighting contributes to creating a conducive environment as well. During the daytime, consider opening up the windows and drawing the curtains – this will allow light to come in and make your space brighter.

Besides, this is also extremely energy efficient and provides health benefits to oneself. Science indicates that exposure to natural light, even for just a short period, can prevent depression in both children and adults; even reducing stress levels and boosting one’s vigour. One can even obtain Vitamin D through sunlight, which offers several benefits like bodyweight maintenance, immune system regulation, and asthma symptom control.

For certain, it is a difficult period of time for everyone amid this COVID-19 pandemic. Now that most workplaces have to resort to the WFH initiative to keep the business going – productivity can become an issue for many. Henceforth, one good way to curb this problem is to start with lighting. Meanwhile, our existing tenants can still access their spaces – be it self-storages or workspaces. However, we still highly encourage existing tenants to follow the government Circuit Breaker guidelines closely – so each and every one of us can do our part in combating the crisis. Together as a nation, we can tide over the crisis.

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