What A Unique Venue Can Do For Your Event

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Baby Shower Venues

Apart from having top-notch décor and top-rated speakers; memorable events are made from the experiences. The event venue is a significant part of the guests’ experiences and you should think outside the box when it comes to the venue.

Traditional venues like hotel ballrooms and restaurants may have worked in the past but these days they are becoming a bit too predictable. These days, people prefer to unleash their creative energy with a space of their own. That means handling everything from top to bottom; food catering, music selection, décor, seating and table choices.

So, if you are planning to host an event soon, consider having it at a unique venue like a self-storage. It’s a great place to stir the minds of the planners and it is sure to create memorable experiences for the guests.

Sparks an interest in guests

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Baby Shower Venues

Whether it’s a birthday party or a large corporate marketing event, you want every attendee to be fascinated by your event and have a swell time. In other words, when people start bringing up their phones, snapping pictures and sharing them on social media – you would have attained your goal.

Fortunately, this is what an unique venue does for your event. A product launch at a small warehouse will speak volumes about getting everyone on board than at a hotel ballroom. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self-storages in Singapore with some of the most unconventional event spaces. Take your pick and spruce it up with all sorts of fancy décor, party entertainment or delicious food catering. The choice is in your hands as our event space rentals have no restrictions at all. Whatever the event could be, a unique and alternative venue will trigger curiosity and expectancy among the guests.

Encourages higher attendance and better engagement

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Baby Shower Venues

While the date itself is a crucial factor in attracting more guests to attend the event – the venue itself is just as important. Naturally, the same-old, traditional places might not excite the guests as they normally do. These days, people are looking towards more unique locations that set their events apart from the rest such as self storages.

Alternative venues would attract more curious eyes. Chances are high that attendance will also be skyrocketing. In addition, people are likely to be more engaged since they have many questions about the venue and how it fits in the theme. Not to mention, the unquenched curiosity about the venue itself. This does not divert their attention from the subject of the event, it just creates new associations between the subject and the venue, making the event even more memorable.

Brings up new and creative ideas

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Small Baby Shower Venues

Unconventional events are much more flexible as compared to traditional venues. They are personal and customisable; in a way where you can try out new themes or ideas freely. It will get your teams of decorators, sound and other vendors to think creatively and blend décor, service and ambience into the venue.

It won’t be a case of cut and paste from previous event venues. But, teams will have to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions which leave a more impactful guest experience. Additionally, these unique venues still come with basic facilities like window view, air conditioning, lighting and powerpoint to assist with the event planning. At Work+Store, we not only provide these features, but we also have an unlimited capacity within our premises so you can feel free to bring in as many guests as you would like to your event.

Having a unique venue is a great place to start triggering memorable experiences for your event. From impressing them with a brand new location to furnishing the place with attractive décor, an unconventional venue is sure to make an impression on guests.

Apart from workspace and storage room rental, Work+Store offers event space rental in all kinds of sizes ranging from 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft. From birthday parties to spaces which serve as small baby shower venues, solemnisation to wedding receptions, our venues are perfect for all types of events and occasions. To fit right into your budget and get your desired theme décor, we also have one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore with daily rates for event spaces going at $50 to $3,697. This way, you can certainly find your budget solemnization venue to celebrate a joyous occasion without breaking the bank.

All our event spaces are also equipped basic facilities comprising electricity (power sockets), air conditioning, lighting and amenities such as parking lots, loading bays and 24-hour accessibility. These will assist with meeting your event requirement smoothens out the party planning process.

Our parent company, LHN Group, also provides large units for warehouse and office purposes in industrial and commercial spaces for rent in more than 38 properties in Singapore.

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