What Are The Key Factors Which Affect Workspace Design

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Lately, individuals have begun to understand the importance of attractive workspace design as it comes in handy when it comes to developing a productive workplace ambience.

Whether it is planting plants in the office or mounting artwork on the wall, everything can work towards reinforcing a positive environment for employees. Above all, such a workplace environment ensures employee happiness and satisfaction.

So, once you’ve acquired office for rent – find out how you can design your workspace effectively through our following pointers below.

Flexible workspaces

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Office For Rent

In present-day life, companies prefer to have flexible office spaces rather than working in small, dim places. Moreover, businesses cannot grow in an area that hinders growth. The modern-day office must include spaces for collaboration, workbenches, flexible seating arrangement, which in turn makes the office a well-structured and adaptable place to work.

At Work+Store, your business can benefit from our workspaces as they are known to operate as ancillary offices, promoting employee collaboration and allowing for better management between different tasks from admin to marketing. Our workspaces also come with basic facilities like air conditioning, lighting facilities, and a powerpoint. Moreover, across our array of the cheapest self-storages and workspaces – we offer flexible rental terms in which tenants can enjoy a short rental period and change to other sorts of services and products through contract transferring in our own property or our parent organisation, LHN Group, encompassing an extensive variety that consists of event spots, vending machine locations, and so on.

Size of workspace

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Office For Rent

Another essential factor is the size of the workplace when choosing a working space for lease. To create a positive environment for work, it is crucial to have the right size. Although the office size depends on the number of employees; you must still ensure that the office space is well within the estimated budget of the company, thus allowing your employees to work effectively.

With Work+Store, we offer a good range of sizes; from 6 sqft up until 730 sqft for workspaces, and 88 sqft onwards for self-storages. All our spaces even offer Zero Deposit Guarantee, means there isn’t a need to pay a deposit at the start. In addition, locations of our spaces are available nationwide, and they include: Bartley, Kallang, Upper Thomson, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bukit Merah, Pasir Panjang, Ang Mo Kio, Aljunied, and Tampines. For a cheap office space for rent, our Aljunied location is worth considering with the rent-fee promotion of 2 months to help save costs at the start. The PIE (Pan Island Expressway) close to the location also makes it easy for vehicle owners to come down. Get in touch with our staff for any enquiries you may have. Terms and conditions apply.

Adequate use of technology

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Office For Rent

Modern technology aids workers in completing tasks and going about daily operations conveniently and thus improving the overall productivity. An outdated technology will make the job difficult for employees and thus making their life complicated. It would add up to the hours they work, thus leading to stress and anxiety. On the positive side, if a company invests in modern technology, then it can benefit both the employees as well as the organisation.

The use of technology isn’t the only thing you need for better employee experience and safety; a well-secured workplace is just as important. We offer the cheapest self storages and workspaces with camera surveillance and accessibility all day long; which ensures your staff are well-taken care of. With Work+Store, workspaces and storage units come together as one space for improved efficiency, whether in goods acquisition or logistics procedures, which ultimately, elevates the customer experience.

Keeping these factors in mind as you’re setting up your workspace matters a lot for your business, as it’ll have an impact on your employees’ productivity and determine the efficiency in meeting customers’ demands.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it may present itself as an excellent opportunity to start a business with the right, affordable office space chosen. Existing and even new tenants are all welcomed to use our spaces; be it a self storage or workspace. However, the choice of workspace and costs aside – your business should still follow the rules and measures set by the government for the safety of your own and employees. With everyone’s cooperation, it will help in ensuring the well-being of the country and slow down the spread of the pandemic.

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