What to Avoid When Planning Your Baby Shower Event

Small Baby Shower Venues

Planning a baby shower is not an easy task. You have to consider many factors including the guest list, the games and activities, and the décor of the event. You’ll also need to find the right small baby shower venue, in which there are self-storages in Singapore that offer event space rental.

During your planning, there are certain things you must avoid in order to make the event run smoothly and memorable for everyone. Below are some of the most common don’ts for your baby shower event.

Don’t Procrastinate

Small Baby Shower Venues Singapore

This is a common mistake made where the invitations are not sent out early enough. If you are planning a baby shower that occurs during a busy month, such as December, sending a late invitation can mean that someone special will not be able to attend. Send your baby shower invites several weeks in advance so it will give everyone time to plan in attending.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Decor

Event Space Rental Singapore

With endless of options available, it can be easy to do too much with the theme and décor. When you rent an event hall rental from self storages in Singapore, avoid having conflicting decorations that might end up looking tacky and in bad taste. Stick to a theme and keep in minimal for a cohesive feel to your event.

Don’t Wing it

Have a plan of how the day will be like, and include back up plans if a certain activity turns out to end early. It is a mistake to assume that most of the party will be spent socialising and mingling with the mom-to-be. There should be a balance in party games and other highlights, such as a slide show of picture montages, that can keep the party mood going.

Don’t Subject Your Guests to Embarrassing Games

Speaking of an activity-filled event, you should avoid subjecting your guests to inappropriate or embarrassing games. Instead, go for activities that will make everyone feel at ease and have a good time in enjoying themselves.

Don’t Let the Event Drag On

Plan out the baby shower event such that there is sufficient time for mom-to-be to chitchat with guests, take a few photos, enjoy some cake and a few games or activities. Don’t forget the post-party details so guests will know to depart when the event ends and it won’t get dragged on.

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